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[–] Tallest_Skil 5 points 5 points (+10|-5) ago 

Who gives a fuck about this jewloving coalburner?

[–] Atomized_Individual [S] 7 points 1 points (+8|-7) ago 

Defend Europe / Generation Identity care, and they've done a lot more than you...sitting on your ass.

[–] DeadFox 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

Lmao when they pick up rifles I'll care, not when they're playing fucking parkour Europe simulator

[–] Tallest_Skil 8 points -3 points (+5|-8) ago 

  1. Controlled opposition. You fell for jewish groups.

Not an argument. Thanks for admitting that you fell for a jewloving coalburner. You are a shill. Everything you support is compromised. Fuck the hell off.

[–] lordbastiat 4 points 0 points (+4|-4) ago 

Me :3