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Looks like Ireland is about to get a heavy dose of some ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) or whatever name the IDF want to give themselves now.

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Yeah there will be terrorist attacks galore

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Ah we've had a few in the last couple of years, street stabbings, beheadings, even attempted child abductions caught on camera - all muslims - but the media never cover it or they just use the old "mental illness" excuse and immediately put out fluff pieces on muzzies and how they have such a hard time here with all the "racism" they experience, of which there is NO proof. As long as the only thing that wakes the slaves to the far left media in this country up is more terrorist attacks and the only people that get hurt are the ones that want these animals in our once safe country then fuck it, snackbar away, savages, too many of us are just waiting for an excuse to remove kebab.

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hahaha fuck you, isntreal

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more like fuck you @heretolearn for link to that worthless islamo website aljazeera.

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They are not doing it to oppose Zionism, they are doing it to make their new Muslim overlords happy

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1)Bring In Migrants to destabilize nation

2) Ban trade with Isreal

3) ??????

4) Profit!

Nto sure what the kike game is on this one, sounds like their plan backfired completely

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Some of the bigger string pullers are anti-Zionists. Fucking over Israel may well be its own goal.

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Your mind will be blown when you realize, Jews don't love money. They love power. Money = power.

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I should have said "general manager". Jews are still ceo

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Obligatory "Oy vey!"

Grinned from ear to ear when I heard this.

It took a Black Muslim president to get the US to actually go through with slapping Israel on the wrist. Glad to see the Irish standing up for what's right.

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Obama wasn't black. He was half-black.


Holy shit your a dumb fucking shitlord.




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Well, no Guinness for the settlements.... good work Ireland, they won't survive this...

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Ireland is not /ourcuntry/
they are big on importing Muslims into their own country.

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Ireland is our country. Despite the policies of the government, despite the influence of the occupier. Recurring dream.

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Israel is threatening to close their embassy in response to this, which will be nice really as we'll be able to return the building to its original purpose as a gasworks. Might be worth doing that before it closes even.

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Wow. Ireland needs some more refugees!! /s

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