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So that means we have to take these fucking kids?! What the fuck!?


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This is some Pizzagate child smuggling Podesta shit

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illegal immigration = human trafficking

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All of them are guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor by involving them in illegal activities and what about extreme child endangerment which makes them unfit parents!?

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https://archive.fo/UvuA7 :

DOJ: Some adults separated from kids at the border are murderers | Daily Mail Online

'Authorities determined that one potential child sponsor was alleged to have abused the child he was trying to claim. ', "Eleven of the adults have 'serious criminal histor[ies],' the agencies announced, including charges or convictions for child cruelty, kidnapping, murder, human smuggling, domestic violence and narcotics-related crime.", "Seven more were 'determined not to be a parent' at all, including three whose deception was discovered through DNA testing."

'Throughout the reunification process our goal has been the well-being of the children and returning them to a safe environment. '

'One of the adults presented a falsified birth certificate, and another has a contagious disease. '

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Saw the headline in the elevator the other day. Oddly they left off the "because" and just left at half of the families won't be reunited. Why would they do that?

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"A dozen were deported but declined to take their children with them"

I shouldn't be shocked, but damn, that is fucked up.

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So what happens now? They go into American foster homes and grow up to be Mexican Americans? That aint right either.

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Of course! These parents are abusers- we couldn't in good conscience now send them back to whatever shithole they crawled out of. /s

This pisses me off so much, because we all know for a fact that most of these little demons will be granted citizenship for no other fucking reason other than "my parents violated your law after they let me be violated by coyotes, deal with it scrub lol". That means you and I have to foot the bill for these fucking FOREIGNERS who shit on our doorstep.

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Nothing more than an invasion, while using children as weapons... Not unlike isis or the taliban do....

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