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We all know Obama's favorite book is the Koran.

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I always took him for a Talmud kinda guy

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I thought it was the Communist Manifesto.

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the koran is pretty much just the talmud translated into sandnigger

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Exactly what I was going to post when I read "Obama's favorite book."

He's a Hussein for God sake, and we know which God all Hussein follows. Especially considering the fact that the MSM loves to omit that part of his name.

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You know why your wrong? Got a gold ring on his finger in this picture. This is banned in Islam.

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LOL... So, because a ring can't protect you, no gold rings. Yeah, that makes sense. Maybe the ring Obama is wearing is a copper silver blend. Who knows?

That whole diatribe is "bi'dah" or whatever. Nothing in there was backed by scripture, yet seems to have been adopted due to culture. Very superstitious. Fascinating though how they jump through logical hoops to suppress their people!

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Fucking commies need to be caught before they run for office.

You should be able to buy commie traps and set them out everywhere.

Giant sticky mousetraps labelled "social programs" would do it.

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Doesn't matter... That picture was taken during his first campaign - May 21, 2008.

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In the post American World, niggers, Jews, and sand niggers are all extinct. Whites will proudly take the lead as the best race on Earth and start exploring the Stars.

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Except that won't happen because whites has the least amount of racists. White is number one when it comes to the lack of tribalism/in group preference on average.

This is what makes white genocide possible, the lack of unity. Imagine if a Mexican is wronged, hordes of latinos worldwide would come to his defence. If a white little girl is raped by a feral rapefugee, then hordes of virtue signaling SJW whites defended the rapist instead. You don't believe me? Try visiting Sweden or Germany and see for yourself.

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It's disturbing that it's not just a post America world - it's post American.

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I read a summary on wikipedia. It's not about the complete destruction of America, it's about the world switching from a unilateral one where America is the uncontested superpower to a multilateral one where there are more major powers and America no longer has complete control over the entire world. The book even states that America will continue to the the world's #1 power through the 21st century.

One problem that I have from the summary is that there is no mention of the United States' geography playing a major role in it becoming a world superpower. One big factor is having the world's greatest interconnected network of navigable rivers in the Mississippi River basin making it very cheap to transport heavy goods and fostering interconnection and trade.

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America is the uncontested superpower to a multilateral one where there are more major powers and America no longer has complete control over the entire world. T

It will happen/already happen. China will definitely overtake America because they are not constrained by political correctness or SJW addiction. Especially if East + SE Asia banded together they would be a leading force.

At the rate of the East Asian exponential growth of investment in Israel's economy, they would even have some effect on the knesset lobbies, especially coupled with the billions of investment/economic agreement with other middle eastern powers. Historically this was not the case, at all. Then you factor in how China is the natural ally of the Soviet blocs who are more socioculturally similar than their "politically correct" western EU counterparts.

America is known to push for shit like "human rights" to developing nations, which is a big turn off for them. Things like pushing a third-world country to "not execute" a drug dealer is why these nations prefer to rely on China instead because China would in fact encourage political incorrectness and right-wing conservative habits.

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China will surely overtake the US as the world's largest economy, however China's geography will constrain its power. This leaves China only really able to use soft power effectively like making loans that 3rd world countries can't pay back.

Right now the other East and Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. are at odds with China and resisting a regional Chinese hegemony. The US backs them in this resistance which constrains Chinese power by cutting off control of direct access to the world's oceans, and access to global markets. The value of China regaining control of Taiwan isn't a middling province but control of sea lanes providing direct access to the world's markets.

China is also in a rivalry with Russia over influence and control over the central asian countries like Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. China and Russia are only allies because they share a common rival in the United States.

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All empires come to an end eventually. Better to be prepared and plan ahead than to be a cuck and be caught by surprise anal.

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That’s precisely what the book is about. It isn’t ANTI American, but you’d have to actually read it instead of forming a knee jerk opinion based on it’s cover.

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Why is this in v/news?

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If he's reading it, you should too.

Globalist books are extremely important to understand what the meta plan is for the world.

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Holy shit, good point! Know thy enemy!

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