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I haven't watched this specific video yet, but he's done a bunch of PewNews segments that have better investigative journalism than 90% of what's on CNN. He understands internet culture and eviscerates people with humor when he chooses to. He's great.

Future Swedish Fuhrer when? You laugh, you die.

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Save yourself some time. This is a 'no shit, sherlock' overly-long talk (TL;DW: Twitter is cancer), with a way too loud loop in the background.

Vox gets money from YouTube.

Elon Musk virtue signals on Twitter about saving kids lost in cave instead of calling or emailing privately. *Edit: ...works on building his personal brand as Tony Stark and learns a valuable lesson on stealth marketing. Praying so the world can hear you makes some people think you're a holy man, and some people think you're actually just a really big douche.

Dumb bitch gets fired for using Twitter.

Literally. That is all. I just saved you 20 minutes.

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Kiketube has done nothing but demonetize the small guy if not completely banning them, these were the one's who actually provided a right wing perspective. This guy isn't right wing at all, he's just making jokes and lately been a bit critical of the regressive leftists, he only did so after the culture shift occurred.

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This guy isn't right wing at all, he's just making jokes and lately been a bit critical of the regressive leftists, he only did so after the culture shift occurred.

Keep in mind that he is a guy who wants to be a gamer and have fun making comedic videos, and right now the regressive leftists are the ones censoring media and being offended by everything and representing a threat to that. Maybe he's not full blown 14/88 gas the kikes, but I don't think it's a stretch to think he's on the right's side right now. This is a good thing. He has a bigger daily audience than many news networks put together. His audience is also skewed towards the young and he drops the redpills in a subtle way where they're effective because he portrays himself as a common sense centrist.

Nobody can know somebody's internal beliefs with certainty, but if there was a scale of wokeness where "the holocaust is a lie" is a 10, pat buchanan is maybe a 7.5, alex jones is a 5 or 6, and the typical normie is a 1, maybe Pewds is like around 3.5 woke. Not perfect, certainly, but he's in a position where he's helping shift the overton window a bit and moving people along towards the right of the scale. Even just mocking leftists with his major reach creates an impact.

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He did openly call out the jew multiple times though, hes pulled it back alot since then and deleted most of those videos, but lest we forget.

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This is actually a very big blow towards T.V broadcasted news stations in general (cable). All Google has to do now is find a way to get on the radio, either through a sister company or be innovative and create something for once.

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That "hoarding money" tweet is from the type of person who wants to abolish cash. Pewds's attitude is a breath of fresh air on this.

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VOX... LOL. Goddamn fullblown leftists. Are they still trying to convince people that stuff like CNN, New Yorker, The Atlantic, Vox, VICE are centrist?

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Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook are all int he process of becoming just another mouthpiece for the corporate, mainstream media.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=E9XVVW7G_Fg :

YouTube News Are Giving Me $25 Million! - YouTube

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Sellout. $25 M and a circumcision.

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Yep. He's alright, just don't understand why he's living in Britistan

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