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This really isn’t something that a court case has any business determining. Scientific research is the only possible determinant if glyphosate causes cancer. A court of law comes into play when, AFTER determining that it DOES cause cancer, the company is sued for 1. actively claiming it doesn’t and/or 2. not having labeling to this effect/not having HAD labeling to this effect/continuing to sell the product in any form.

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This is why the lawsuit won't go anywhere and is a big waste of time for everyone involved.

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There have been studies done on glyphosate, hence why this civil suit alleging damages due to Monsanto's Round-up was filed. The court isn't deciding it causes cancer. As you said, they are probably going to introduce medical studies that state or suggest it causes cancer and let the jury determine if damages should be rewarded. The fact that they filed a complaint tells me plaintiffs at least think they have a good case to win. If they should win damages in this case though I am sure it will open the flood gates to more like cases all over the country. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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One of the plaintiffs in the case is a coffee farmer from my island. She believes she developed lymphoma after years of spraying it on her crops.

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There's also the whole point of sueing in california as well. Anything related to cancer damages will pretty much win there.

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Round up is the civilian version of agent orange.

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Nope, 2,4-D is the closest you can get to Agent Orange these days (it made up half the formulation)

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Fuck MonSatan.

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That's how it kills weed.....give em cancer

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Monsanto also has a history of that. Which will hurt them in court. It's the entire reason why they did the recent merger, face saving. Look up the whole debacle with pcb's back in the day. The great lakes were minor compared to some of the lakes they poisoned.

Hell you could dip a live fish into one and pull it out dead.

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hope not, I just worked in bushes covered in that shit.

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good thing that California is filled with such liberal twats that they won't be upset when the kangaroo court rules in favor of monsanto.

american peopl e need to wake the fuck up and realize they do not need to play by the rules that the elites have imposed on us. take monsanto over and burn that motherfucker to the ground.

you don't kill a snake by playing with it, you chop the head off then bury it.

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We seen it before, Monsantos has enough money to keep postponing the trial and like somebody said it is a big waste of time

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Oh, the benefits of Capitalism!

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