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when the white world's most high-level and dignified military summit is a bunch of men kissing each other and watching a stupid performance with gay dance music how could you NOT want to invade and plunder it

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What the fuck was the deal with the woman on the wire? I mean, Cirque du Soleil shit has it's place in casinos and whatnot but I can't imagine a NATO summit being an appropriate venue.

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Their symbolism will be their downfall

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But that sax though. The EU stands for nothing, has no principles other than to infect and undermine member countries' sovereignty.

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We’re just sheeple to them.

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What the fuck was the deal with the woman on the wire?

these people are big on rituals so she must have signified how "high" Europa could fly

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Jean-Claude Juncker

Got even drunker

Overtly stumbling around

Everyone surrounded him

So he didn't commit the sin

Of falling face first to the ground

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Incompetent. Not enough respect for the office to bother showing up sober. Whatever his parasitic, overpaid job actually is he should be booted from it. The Toadies that flocked to go kiss his ass are too incompetent and childish to do anything about it, but then they deserve even less respect than that old sclerotic pig does.

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How can he be booted if he owns EU ? hes like a king.

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This man is a disgrace. And being an alcoholic is even one of the lesser problems.

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If I had to hang out with that bunch I'd be drunk as shit too.

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Might be the drinking he is known for - might be old age about to take him.

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Oh stop, that bitch is L_I_T !

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=oecvYFq_wi0 :

Jean-Claude Juncker stumbles and is helped by leaders at NATO gala - Daily Mail - YouTube

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I think they call that the "new world order" ?

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he is a "worthy" representative of it

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"new world order" ?

its the new world odor amirite lol

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