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So, let me guess (it's not really a guess, it's a certainty, but we'll call it a guess) -- Pitt rebuilds these nigger houses, and the nigs turn around and sell them for a profit, then go to live in broken-down, abandoned wrecks that they can get for nothing, while spending Pitt's money on alcohol, ciggies, whores, crack, fried chicken, and grape drink.

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Nope. Not even close. Brad Pitt started a charity that received about 100 million dollars. The charity was going to renovate 150 of the homes in New Orleans and then SELL them. The residents are angry about two things: 1) they PAID $150,000 for homes that apparently still reek of mold (they cut corners but sold the homes as having been fully renovated) 2)Brad Pitt left a lot of the houses untouched meaning that the neighborhoods are covered in a sort of rotting/mold smell making a lot of them unsaleable even when they have been renovated. Residents bought the houses with the expectation that the neighborhood would be liveable and revitalized. LEaving half of the houses condemned means those houses have almost no resale value. He basically used these people to launder the charity money off, by getting people to buy a few of these shitty re-done houses and then walking with all the funds he was given to do that. If they had known how he was going to walk away half way through, they would have never purchased houses in the neighborhood (who wants to live next to rotting drywall?). He's a huge piece of shit. He must have learned this crap from the Gates foundation or something because I don't think he's smart enough to do it on his own.

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Pitt sounds like a piece of shit in this case if I just read your description, but there are always at least 2 sides to every story. For all we know, they legitimately tried to do the right thing and the houses were being sold at under market cost, but construction costs skyrocketed because of the culturally enriched neighborhood they were building in.

Due to the litigious and politically correct society we live in, he can't come right out and say "Niggers kept stealing our tools, vandalizing construction sites, and threatening workers and costs ran up dramatically so we're kind of stuck in this situation right now where we can't go forward realistically too soon without more fundraising which is taking a while". Or maybe he's just a scammer pocketing a charity's cash. Or maybe 95% of people were pleased and only a handful are upset and the media is dramatizing things for clicks because Brad Pitt being involved in a possible scam would be big time news? Do we have any realistic way to know what the truth is here?

Now, maybe he's a scam artist, but would it seem realistic to risk that when he can make tens of millions per movie? Possibly, but he seems like somebody with a conscience....

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") they PAID $150,000 for homes that apparently still reek of mold (they cut corners but sold the homes as having been fully renovated)"

I have no idea what happened but who wants to bet they hired minority contractors and got shit work done on these houses?

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where did the money come from ?

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I agree. What a total piece of shit. He did that on purpose and wanted to benefit financially somehow. That's how all these California faggots do business

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lmfao that's brilliant and my newest favourite insult for niggers.

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your comment is wrong and way off base. it's grape drank.

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Is there ever a situation where niggers don't chimp out?

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I'm imagining the chimp outs while their boats sink to the bottom of the Mediterranean. They must be epic for a few minutes.

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maybe pitt should have built them 150 boats instead.

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That video where they pull up to a fishing boat instead of a 'NGO' boat, then sink their own inflatable before they realize the mistake, isn't that exciting. They just thrash around a bit, then float around in the water.

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I was in New Orleans about a year after Katrina. Having been there once pre-Katrina, I can say that Katrina actually cleaned the place up a lot. It certainly was less garbage dumpy. I was talking to one of the locals who did nothing but praise Angelina and Brad about how they bought a huge mansion and were going to help the community. All I could think of while he was telling me this was, nope - they bought a huge mansion cheap due to Katrina and are doing some shit ass charity deal to make money off these people. Years later and here we are.

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headline is terrible....maybe there is a scam...and Hollyweird is full of creeps, @carmencita @ReadPastHeadlines @gamepwn @Factfinder2 @Kiwi_Slave and take a listen to the wife https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=75An18_h4r8

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she looks coked to the gills, her jaw is workin'

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I don't like the name of that sub. Not going to answer or post there anymore. Racist.

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She is nuts and sick. Very sick. Her father is a monster.

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I think this could be a front to. God only knows what Human Trafficking and sexual abuse was going on during the massive fuckup that was the government response to Hurricane Katrina. The U.S. National Guard and FEMA went door to door guns drawn forcing people to go to Rescue stations such as the superdome which were overcrowded and filthy.

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Fact remains that if you give a nigger a $100 bill he would complain he didn't get 5 $20s.

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Interestingly, the Daily Mail article this Breitbart article is based on shows and quotes mostly white people.

But those of us paying attention remember the pictures of the area and the news reports. It's an overwhelmingly black area.

In other words, the article whitewashes reality.

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Its not the same area it was. The houses were abandoned and these were SOLD to new residents. You shouldn't assume the people buying these houses back have the same demographics as before. Brad Pitt used these people to launder money off. Don't use implied race issues (which might not even be there) to let him get off the hook for this. He's a liberal piece of shit and he just ran away with 100 million dollars. If you read the article they paid 150,000 for each of those houses. He renovated 100 of them. That's 100 million he made off the sale of the houses - yet he took in 100 million in contributions! He's a POS.

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Comment above by Canada is Gay seems pretty credible.

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That's not just a problem with this article

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Well he only destroyed 100. Why should he do any more?

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Sumbody gots to pay for my kids. Somebody gots to take responsibility

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Entitlement mentality

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