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Oooga Booga! Oooga Booga! In some African countries they take the oil inside the transformers and sell it as cooking oil.

Where else on this fucking planet is there such a combination of stupidity and violence?

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jungle bats taste better with transformer oil

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Please note, South Africa was a nuclear power.

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Only when whitey was in charge.

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Well, it is cultural appropriation for niggers to use electricity, so...

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Thomas Edison smiles from his grave.

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Tesla invented grid power using AC. Edison wanted low voltage DC generators on every block.

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If these primitive animals want to live in squalor, just let them. Fuckin' niggers are beyond help.

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It'd be better to get rid of them, take the land and actually use it.

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"The pumps don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles ..." -- Bob Dylan

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The country will resemble something out of a Mad Max movie in less than 2 decades.

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Less than 2 years more like

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They will be using the whites who don't have a place to flee to as slaves to keep things running for a while, imo. You may be right though.

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nah mad max is a highly evolved society in comparison

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Haha, I agree. I was starting to list off the exceptions in my post (they won't be able to keep their cars running, or hydro water pumps, refinery, too lazy to build fortresses etc), and said fuck it, not worth the time.

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Dude, niggers already make it look like mad max. Niggers are not worth investing in. They are the planets version of a bi-pedal cockroach.

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China is going to learn this in Africa here soon.

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Earlier in the week, residents of a township community burned down a library amid protests against poor service delivery.

Brilliant. Really gets the point across.

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Noe you know why there was apartheid when white South Africans were in control. Now that blacks are in control the country descends back into the stone age.

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