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Strippers gonna strip and whores gonna whore.

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Yea - a literal whore doing her literal job. that's why this story isnt really going to get big. Same reason why Trump banging Stormy didn't really change anything.

Alpha billionaire fucks porn star. Porn star grabs someone's ass. These are "dog bites man" stories. No one cares.

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Not a stormy fan. But that's weak, they should see how the girls are at a Dallas titter sometime.

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all charges dropped.

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Look what we've become Voat. Liberals gaslighted us so hard we actually give a fuck about this degenerate babble

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This is just a nonsense story trying to make her relevant again

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They thought this would take our focus off the hearings.... failure! You can smell the flop-sweat from here.

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Was there ever a solid conclusion on whether or not she had an NXIVM scar?