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I demand that McDonald's turns off his WiFi

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I don't normally associate "Michael Moore" and "Action". "Michael Moore" and "Twinkies", on the other hand...

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Perfectly said. Why would anyone listen to a morbidly obese person for life advice. I mean being a little overweight maybe. But this guy is full blown food orgy fat! Lots of self hatred to not correct this means he's projecting. He aligns himself with leftist because they're all mad at everyone else for being happy or the very least the pursuit of it.

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Sounds accurate.

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Why does the Hamburglar get so much media attention?

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He says what they want and is easily disposed of when his use is over.

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paid actor

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they are that deep into the barrel at this point

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I just figured out you can get Big Mac sauce on a McDouble for 40 cents. It changed my life. No more vegetables for me. -paid for by McDonald’s.

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"I'll go on TV and emote then go back to my mansion. Carry on."

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When are all these faggot Hollywood commies going to start sharing their guest rooms and guest mansions with the Mexicans and Muslims? Atleast then I could listen to them lecture fly over Americans and not think “shut your fucking mouth you America hating hypocrite”

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manatee moore is a feckless fat ass..

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Manatees are mellow, peaceful creatures. That moniker seems unfair to them even if he does resemble one.

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I heard on animal planet their vaginas feel the most human like. Ok idk if it was animal planet...pretty sure it was animal planet.

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Good. Bark at the decoy until you're worn out.

Kavanaugh's not the real pick. He's the one that these "resistors" will wish had been confirmed, after Trump has nominated a line of candidates, each one more conservative than the previous.

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I agree. Trump decided to sacrifice him.

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maybe for Ginsbergs replacement, trump won't do stack conservatives until after mid term maybe even during his 2nd term

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They're getting desperate

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They've been desperate for awhile, it's just starting to show more these days

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Good God, when will diabetes and heart failure take that piece of shit 6ft in the ground. You do know when he goes, it will be 24/7 praise by the MSM for his "heroics". Sorry have to call it, dont like it/or want it.

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Baby body parts are amazing at life extension.

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B-b-b-buuuttt b-b-buuut the children, think of the children!!!

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