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I hope Croatia beats those faggy frenchies.

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How big of an advantage is it for Croatia that it has an all-white homogenous team?

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It can't be an advantage because I've always been told that diversity is the greatest strength

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Go white team!

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You can be sure she's against sports as dangerous and unnecessary, unless it's girls imitating boys.

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This is not how you run the world cup. These idiots lost a massive amount of money that England and their supporters would spend. You are supposed to have England in the finals to keep public attention, gambling, and merchandising sales high. Poor show! Where are the producers?

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You can't compete without experience. Croatian midfield is the best in the world right now.

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How is May responsible for who won a game of divegrass?

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She won't free Tommy Robinson.

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Several players found out that their grade school sisters were being used as skags by a large group of Pakistani men. It is hard to play under those conditions and with that kind of shit begging for you to man-the-fuck-up.

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She didn't Brexit fast enough and it's been a real distraction for most of the squad.