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Why can't we just disband NATO? Oh right, muh Russia narrative...

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fuck it disband it Serbia would have removed the muslims if not for usa/nato

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Serbia? Don't you mean Russia?! Russia! Because Russia! Muh Russia! Oy vey! Russia! Oy gevalt! Russia Russia Russia Russia!!!

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Dam straight. Bring the boys back home. Western Europe is already lost. I can't help but think that Russian tanks rolling through Paris cleaning out sand niggers as they go would get a sigh of relief from the frogs.

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look to the left and right of the iron curtain the side that usa infected is very different today than the right usa is cancer you can see this clearly in eastern germany and the way they vote vs western germany that usa infected

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Valid problem when Russia was the Soviet Union, but not so relevant now that the Soviet-EU has become the larger threat.

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So you want to leave Poland to be conquered again?

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President Trump, keep it up. Take the names and kick their asses.

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Trump to NATO: get your shit together. -- John Kerry: Trump is a meanie poopoo head. --Kerry should just shut the fuck up

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Jupiter balls Trump against the sniveling European dropsy gang.

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Wow, good thing you called them pussies or I might accidentally side with them. Close one, phew.

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I'm triggered by their offense!

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“But how can you be together when you’re getting energy from the group you want protection from?” Trump responded

He's right you know

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There was no reason for NATO to continue after the Soviet Union collapsed in the 80's. None at all.