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How can anyone think this is even sustainable at all? Shrinking German population, and an infinite "migrant" population pool from entire continents coming in for gibs. Native Germans will be financially bled dry in a single generation, assuming any are even alive in their homelands at that point.

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I don't think most people even think about it at all. They're brainwashed. It is almost certainly deliberately unsustainable. The objective seems to be to topple western civilization.

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Don't let women vote. /v/EmergencyNation

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If you let women make the important social and financial decisions of your country you're gonna have a bad time.

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So they're taking notes from the US huh? We fund lots of wars and fucking isreal while ignoring the fact that the US is really a poor country.

Probably jews.

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Fucking true. We could easily have a utopia like society. I don’t wanna start free college n alll that shit but we could probably pull it off.

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Unless they're Jewish, they still get a bunch of money.

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They didn’t study that they studied gender and diversity. How do you study bullshit like that in college and still get it totally wrong? Jesus

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they're happy to die 'martyrs'

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Reminds me of the Democrats here who care more bout Mexican foreigners than Americans. Could this odd behavior be leftist?

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We should send them poisoned food

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