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Somalians are the lowest kind of human being there is. They are not only niggers, but also Muslims. Add a little Jewish and you will have an Obama in your hands.

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It's really stretching it

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I disagree. The Jew is the worse animal of all the animals.

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I am getting really angry about this shit with the media. Ignore all the cases like this and make a woman getting asked to show her key at a community pool by the head of the HOA, or the Starbucks loitering case into a national story.

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Have you read The Turner Diaries?

Very prescient book.

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My homeland is getting raveged/raped by the sandniggers/dune coons... fucking mayo clinic put the green light to import more of these sub human pieces of shit. (If the mayo clinic didn't want them in Minnesota, it would come to a halt, yes they have that much power)

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I want to hear more about how Mayo is fucking people up there. Why does the clinic want more nogs?

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Let me babble on in my own views. Born and raised in Minnesota, they started to import them in the Clinton years, same time Somalia had one of their many civil wars. Some politician got the cute idea that it would be nice to bring them around, felt bad. Mayo thought it would be a great idea to train a few in the medical field, a few were smart, did become doctors, they rose up in the ranks and had pull. Push comes to shove, (Minnesota has a fairly large liberal/progressive crowd) it didn't stop, people who had power didn't stop it. Must got money to turn a blind eye or the people in power were that fucked in the head.

Now to the point of mayo clinic, if they want something they get it, cities can not say no. If they do not want some thing, it doesn't happen/ they have pull. I'll try and post a few articles if I can find them. At least Mexicans work, the sand biggers are worse then regular black people. They dont doooo shit, only live off the state and government. Reproduce faster then roaches.

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Probably because all somolians pretty much get defacto medicaid, and htey are riddled with diseases. More money for the clinics.

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I have heard of the horror stories, been about 7 years since I was in the st cloud area, I wish them luck! Was a fun town.

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Where I am from they torture and kill rapists. Of course, they don't do that in the capital anymore but in the small villages...

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You know what to do.

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Use that 300 black out round, hint hint! :)

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She doesn't even seem to have been doing anything wrong, except not being careful enough around blacks. Lesson learned I hope.

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You have jews and christcucks to thank for this. https://kek.gg/i/vDchS.jpg

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They're controlled and enamored with a death cult created by a Jew, that tells them to not fight back while under attack, that cements the Jew as God's chosen, and tells them to give unlimited charity to those who wish to kill them (so much for the don't throw pearls before swine clause, huh?)... AND THEY WONDER WHY WE CALL THEM CHRISTCUCKS.

Sure Christcucks, whites have largely absorbed Christianity and made it their own, but it STILL promotes all the above, and still cements the supremacy of the Jew. So by YOU adhering to the religion, you give it the power to do all this shit in the name of charity. You're not my enemy by any measure, but you ARE a fucking dupe. The white man needs to reclaim his historic faiths, and discard this Jewish poison. Not saying you can't bring some of the better aspects of Christianity with you, but leave the above garbage behind.

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Yep, completely agree. Jews even laugh about this, since white christians still worship a dead jew.

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Media blackouts are racist.

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This is from December and was on the local news: http://kstp.com/news/woman-stabbed-14-times-speaks-about-ordeal/4714419/

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