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This is most jewish thing I have heard all week

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I detest PayPal with a passion that is hard to articulate.

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Any suggestions for a better/safer way to pay on the interwebs?

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Depending on the transaction, I use my card directly (ie without an intermediary) for online purchases but stick to the same trusted vendors. For transferring money to companies or individuals, eg gifts or payments for services, I use a platform called Sable FX because most of my transactions are international. They offer excellent exchange rates and there is no fee. The company is based in London UK and Cape Town South Africa. I checked them out myself by visiting their HQ in SA to make sure they were legit.

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Stay away from PayPal. The list of outrages they've committed against their users is endless.

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Could not agree more. And the fuckers keep getting away with it.

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Can't get out of paying by dying on us

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Someone is going to have to wake her up.

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Been trying to close my PayPal account for 18 months and they refuse because I won't agree to their terms and conditions. I won't agree because I don't agree! Simple. Told them to take the money in the account and shove it up their asses. Told them they are breaching data laws by hanging on to my data and processing my data without my consent and they just ignore me. Company repeatedly refuses to provide a postal address. They're a fucking disgrace. I'll never use their services again and their "punishment" is to refuse to close the account. It's beyond ridiculous. To close the account they insist I must agree to terms and conditions- why would I if I have no intention of using their services?

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Now she has to un-die.

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