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Part and no parcels

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slow clap

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Holy shit

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FALSE LIES FROM TRUMP ! Snopes says FALSE! Heh heh

Even today , check Snopes : there is no such thing as a “no-go zone.” :


no-go zones do not exist, trump made up lies about muzzies.

Muzzies don't always have to muzz.

Snopes says so.

Google and Facebook rely on Snopes to do their auto deletes of alt-right news links.

Who are you going to believe? Coroner reports, videos, arrest records, and President Trump.... or Snopes!

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you know the vast majority of leftists will believe snopes, they treat it and politico more sacred than the Bible, like the SUPER BIBLE, but it is filled with lies so more like the SUPER QURAN!

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Politico is a little better. I've seen them debunk liberal BS here and there, for example how libshits try to act like socialized welfare/health programs are a miniscule fraction of government spending when in fact health and social security are higher than all the rest combined.


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Blame yourselves you stupid cucked faggots.

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Correction . Blame female voters. Time and time again, in countless studies, it is women that invite the low IQ african invaders into their homeland. Some scientists think it is a combined factor of the high empathy of nordics (genetic) combined with high empathy from females (biological drive).

GIVING WOMEN VOTING RIGHTS has caused the death of western civilization. It is indisputable based on voting pattern demographics.

How else do you even begin to explain Germany?!?!?! "Oh look, a woman! Lets vote for HER AGAIN because she lacks a penis ! "

Its not swedens fault. Its swedish womens fault.

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That is a good post, but there are also a lot of cucked males that go along with the women so they can be "the one good man". Of course the women have no respect for them, unless they are wealthy and/or have high social value.

Also as the other poster points out - Women don't have empathy for men, just for other females and to some extent (temporarily) for their own young sons. Try losing your job and home due to a medical problem that is no fault of your own, and see how many women have any empathy or kindness for you. At best you are now invisible to them (again - unless you are wealthy or have high social status.)

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combined with high empathy from females (biological drive).

Women don't have empathy, it's more like the desire to shit test their domesticated men. These broads want new invaders to inseminate them biologically.

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Us slavery was not done by woman.

Also, lE pen had more female voters. So they can learn from their mistakes. French men have no balls

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I don't disagree, enter the cucked faggots that masquerade as men, they let it happen.

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Wrong ....

Jews Pushing ((( Multiculturalism ))).

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( Links Below Compiled By, And Credited To @The_Tinamou)

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and that's how you make shithole country

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*Move to Malmo

*Buy APC

*Set up ancap fiefdom

*Use APC to deliver mail and pizzas


*No "???"

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You are the Hiro Sweden needs.

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The deliverator

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Swedes are idiots.

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Barbra Spectre's hand rubbing intensifies.

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That's the beginning of the end. But they are too stupid to see that coming.

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