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Any eggs that make it into the digestive system will be released when the carrier defecates or urinates. If these then reach fresh water, they can hatch and the cycle begins again.

General reminder to avoid ethnic restaurants.

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I've been watching a surprising amount of jewtube, over the past year, ever since learning about African and Indians' hygienic practices— or should I say, lack thereof. With a trip to the grocery store, and about $20 to buy a year's worth of spices, herbs and condiments: you'd be surprised at how easy and cheap it is, to make authentic "ethnic" cuisine. Especially when following along to a chink doing it on the TV. You could have an entire $100 order of Chinese food, for a fifth of the price, by doing it yourself.

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Most people just get overwhelmed with the whole concept of cooking. If it's something that has multiple steps involved a lot of people just shy away from it. Or they try it once or twice and they fuck something up then that screws up the other steps, so they just think they're no good at it. Meanwhile I mean, how often do you succeed at something you've never tried before on the first attempt. People need to give themselves a chance.

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Cautionary story about spices. I bought a couple Indian cookbooks and grabbed like $50 bucks worth of spices directly from India. Looking back it was stupid to buy anything from India but it made sense to me at the time to get "authentic" spices for my authentic Indian food.

I made my first dish, one of the best lamb rogan josh dishes I have eaten. It put the Indian joints to shame tbh. That was before the shitting started. I was shitting 20x a day for the entire week. I don't know what the hell I got. I wasn't puking so I don't think it was food poisoning. Maybe some sort of bacteria or more likely some Pajeet didn't wash it's ass-wiping hand. Buy your spices fresh and whole from a reputable American vendor. Fuck eating anything from third world shitholes.

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I've tried making lo mein myself. I don't know why, but it's never even in the same league as the stuff a slanty eye can make.

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"Jewtube" ah voat how I love thee

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Fast food as well, niggers are known to spit in food intentionally, and refuse to wash hands after using restrooms

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This. It's been almost five years now.

Fuck any restaurant that hires niggers. Managers can't enforce hygiene, these guys are fucking animals.

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Gastronomically enriched.

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And San Francisco. And California, Portland and Seattle.

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And San Francisco

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Article blames climate change. Climate change that doesnt affect Eastern Europe or other countries resisting multikult...

EUxit now!

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"Climate change" ROFL

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Literally a "culture" change. Enjoy the free worms!

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My favorite was when they tried to blame ISIS on climate change.

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Well, the biological climate of your insides is changed!

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climate change that isn't caused by the west. human induced climate change is being driven by "the developing world"

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Parasites from parasites. Its parasiteception

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They bring parasitic worms. We bring food and satellite networks. Someone's getting a raw deal here.

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Parasitic worms, HIV and Ebola are gluten free at least

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Niggers always are a bad thing.

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All problems can be solved by adding niggers to it, don'cha know.

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Bad news!

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Their is alot of anti-parasitism expressed on this website. I hope you can find in your hearts and other organs room for infestation and even a love (or chemical excretion) for a diversity of parasites. Anti-parasitism is the number one reason this site turns off so many normies.

“Day of the Antiobiotic” is extremely offensive to parasites. Anti-parasitic hate speech is what is dragging this website down.

No representation with out infestation!

Larval lives Matter!

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Another good reason to stop allowing the hoards of Africans coming into the West, but yet they still keep coming...

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Blame the addiction to political correctness and virtue signaling.

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I'd rather die by a nuclear blast than get invaded by worms. That's just me.

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