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"If all the dead allied soldiers could see their countries now, they would have thrown down their weapons and fought alongside the Germans." - David Irving

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No more brother wars

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Now THAT is a profound thought !!!!
Imagine also if England and Germany became allies in WW2? Well hindsight is always 20/20, isn't it?

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Democracy: Vote as much as you like so long as you vote correctly.

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You ain't nevauhlie my brotha

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Democracy is now a complete illusion on the planet.

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democracy is mob rule. The Unites States had the right of it before we added all these amendments to the constitution that intentionally fuck us.

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I was born there and have dual citizenship, this breaks my heart. But I said it many years ago that England is gone and I don't think the people living there now have the courage to re-take it. They are so complacent and beaten down.

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Because buying that new shiny thousand dollar phone is better than fighting for democracy

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Bout time for the brits to grab their pointy sticks and revolt

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Oi, ya gotta loicence for that there stick mate?

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Sorry constable, but I'll need to see your asking for a loicense loicense before I answer that

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Still funny.

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All they can do is slow shit down as hard as they can, but they have to make it happen eventually, it's the law, people voted on that there's no stupid debate

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There is no democracy in Europe anymore, it's an illusion to keep the people from revolting. It's been well documented that referenda have been ignored before if it wasn't the result the establishment wanted - they always go ahead with whatever it is they have planned. The EU is a centralised dictatorship and an important step towards a one world government, can't have any pesky countries taking control of their own destiny again, that'd put a spanner in the works!

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@NumptyDumpty For decades I've been saying that voting is the pacifier of the masses. But I just thought of something, the political class wouldn't go around begging for donations, spending big bucks, and importing low IQ voters by the bus load if voting didn't have SOME effect. I may be changing my mind about the effectiveness of the vote.

You KNOW those selfish turds in DC would never waste money on political ads if they could waste money on themselves.

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The sooner the curtain falls off for all normies to see the better

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There seems to be no democracy anywhere on the planet. It just "seems" like it, but underneath it all, governments everywhere are ever so uninterested in true democracy.

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Not really. The UK is not a republic but a constitutional monarchy, so the people are not sovereign, sovereignty rests in the monarch who betows it on parliament. I.e. the referendum had no legal standing, it was only advisory for the sovereign Parliament, and Parliament can choose to accept or reject the advice.

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If they choose to ignore it this will be a political albatross hanging around their neck for the next decades

Furthermore, can the EU afford to accept the UK gov unilateral backtracking on brexit? Where's the legitimacy?

Euro skeptics have a trolling highway on this one

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So ---- the UK has the same form of governance as the US?

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It seems like every day there's another story about the UK sinking into a real shithole. As an American, it's like a constant reminder of how happy I am that the Founding Fathers told them to go fuck themselves.

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Jews. Say it. Say it often, say it loudly.

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Why ISIS Was Created to Destroy All


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We need to talk about...


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Correct, Jews are fairly central in the world. I would be interested in seeing a 'panel discussion' about the role of Jews compared to other organized globalists. The video 'We need to talk about...' that I saw the other day, found here on Voat, is interesting. Then yesterday there was another video that I saw, 'Why ISIS Was Created to Destroy All', which is about pre-Christian religious organizations like Catholic Church.

Remember that we can trace religious notions at least back to Sumer. There seems to be a larger picture here. Of course even then, Jews were part of it. Then we have the notion that most of the powerful Jews today are not actually part of the Semitic peoples but are Khazars. It is important to look at Jews. It is also important to look at power, in general, the type of human that seeks power 'at all cost', and the symbols, notions and methods they use.

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I don't see what difference it makes. England has bought into islamification. They are doomed no matter what.

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