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Here, let's cut to the chase; they were 'banned' because they committed disgusting violent crimes which even the San Francisco Bay Area, land of the super-liberal and super-ready to make excuses for shitty TNB, cannot ignore. You know, the same kind of excusemongers who tell non-black women that doze off on the train, and awaken to find Tyrone masturbating in the next seat, or rifling through their briefcases, that they're racist bitches who need to fuck off.

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Instead of concluding niggers are a problem, of course the Jew media pushes wacism as a problem.

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Spent a week in Vegas riding the SDX bus. They cause drama left and right, fights left and right, and they'll fight anyone. The press needs to realize most people aren't buying their bullshit race-baiting stories anymore.

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Maybe we should start a campaign to call BART racist because they're banning blacks from ridding with white passengers. Make public why the stats are disproportional, get SF to inadvertently say these people are committing lots of crimes on public transport. Making them look like racist or bigots, would be ironic in this so called liberal city.

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"Hold your enemies to their own standards, thereby exposing their hypocracy"

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What a hilarious article. This is what you get when you live in a delusional world where telling the truth is punishable by social and criminal sanctions.

How much crazier can we get? As a nation I don't know, but my bet is San Francisco will easily take the Grand Prize for City of Loonies for the decade.

This is because they have a lot of money they can throw away out there pretending that reality doesn't exist, before it finally smacks them in the face like a humongous stinking turd dropping on them out of a giant tranny's ass squatting over them one day.

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They were banned on an individual basis. It just so happens that blacks are more violent and more disgusting than any other race, so they get banned more often. It's not surprising -- it would be surprising if it were any other way.

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Why? Cuz of sisdemic wite wacism. Obviously.

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... broken record time for me....

I ALWAYS see blacks eating fast food on BART, making a mess, throwing all the refuse on the floors and seats, and generally acting like dirty animals.

I never once saw a white or asian violate Bart's "no food consumption rules". Its actually a STATE LAW pushed onto BART against Bart's will ($250 and up to 48 hours of community service). No blacks ever get cited EVER.

San francisco gov thinks acknowledging black crime is RACIST!

San francisco even made it practically legal for blacks to smash car widows and steal. Its no longer a crime because the jails were packed with blacks.

In 1990 San Francisco has LOWEST per capita crime rate in all of california of cities one tenth their size and up. (Bakersfield was number one back then)

NOW WITH BLACKS GETTING FREE PASS TO STEAL CODIFIED IN LAW read shocking article : SF Now Has Highest Per Capita Property Crime Rate In The US !:




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