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We'll just.. Take

This is a pet peeve of mine but the hour is later than you think. It isn't about how many you or we take. Migration isn't the real issue anymore. The demographical shift has already happened in Europe and it will soon in the US. If migration stopped today it would be far too late.

Naive people think they will be able to repatriate 50% of the entire population of Europe. Then the purity tests start and you get to deal with problems of who is and who isn't white. And all of this is supposed to happen peacefully because 350 million people will go without protest.

At the risk of sounding completely fatalist, I don't see a way out of this. Any ethnostate has become absolute fantasy and even the dream of assimilating the newcomers into US or European culture has failed due to the huge influx of people who have assembled in ghettos forming parallel societies.

It's not about how many new people come. It's about how long we have until the welfare states collapse and how to manage the civil unrest that will happen when they do. That is the real issue.


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We take all that for granted. We see it with our eyes and our instincts. Don't need shillyvision to know about immigration, porous borders, gibs, illegals, cheap labor, loss of factories, whatever. By the way, most of you goats are too young to know that almost everything we bought when I was young was made in the USA. I'm fairly sure Boeing made all parts in usa unless it was some fancy German part. Clothing and food was from usa. Shoes were from usa unless they were imported, i.e. italian. Was just remembering. Dang member berries.


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You seem to be of the persuasion that the integration has failed due to they their forced upon living in a ghetto, and that made it impossible too intermingle with the host nations culture? Have you ever stopped and wondered that they intentionally refused to join the host nations culture and that their only prerogative in the West is to get free handouts, breed like rats and demand your culture must adopt to their rules of living? When they joined social housin which since the 60's has had policies of spreading out the migrants and placing them in primarely white social housing, within months if not years they themselves moved away and moved towards their own people, further proving tribalism is alive and well, to favor one's own kind that you self identify with. Thus when you look at ghetto's look deeper and you will find common themes. It's a Shia ghetto, a Sunny Ghetto, it's primarily a Kurdish ghetto, it's a Iraqi Ghetto, It's a Pakistani Ghetto and on and on it goes.

You're like the Danish cucks who want to use ENFORCED integration on children. Mandatory 1 year olds attending 4 hrs of daycare per workday to propagandize the children into Danish culture. They think they can remove the parents from the equation entirely, as they will be push their culture upon the child, highly likely it will grow up and marry it's cousin, the child will be brainwashed with Islamist garbage, the child will be taught it is first and foremost a Turk, Kurd, Moroccan, Egyptian, Nigerian and so forth, it will be taught it's mother language before the host nations native tongue, whether the government wants it to learn Danish or not, on and on it will go and when the 3rd generation of descendants of these waves of migrants are grown up they will be the exact same subhuman garbage that we see in France rioting for the 4th consecutive day, but at least they burned down an entire street and it's stores; except for the kebab shop in the middle of it which was doused and protected by the rioters.


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"The demographical shift has already happened in Europe and it will soon in the US. If migration stopped today it would be far too late."

Quite right. Immigration has already succeeded in that sense. Given birthrates, the problem is already here. More migration just means that it all happens sooner rather than later.

I think what will happen is a certain percentage of whites will not accept their fate. You'll see their birthrate go way up, and you'll see them become more tribal. How the civil strife goes, anyone's guess, but the third world masses are actually quite vulnerable. They are all shacked up in cities, which are easy to disrupt. Cut power, cut water, millions will die.

There's also the possibility of other ethnic groups getting fed up. I can't see the Mexicans being very happy with masses of Indians, Muslims or Africans.


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Great post.

That's what I think as well which is why I escaped to Asia because US/Europe is a ticking time bomb.

The western world has a chronic case of "political correctness gone too far," where the urban population are mostly addicted to virtue signaling and SJW behavior, and a huge cultural divide with the rural conservative. Completely fucked.

Asians are using overt nationalism to keep unity, but in the west nationalism is viewed as bad, and I don't know what can hold these rootless cosmopolitans together.


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Migroids, I like it.


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It's not the same. Migroids are the new saints especially in Frank's and Pelosi's church.