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Nah, their farms they keep alive for over 100 years just happen due to their privilege.

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Damn wyt ppl and their productivity.

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shuffles card

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Fucking white people and their...

shuffles deck, draws card


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You'd think that useless white people were a myth using that kind of logic, however your average sjw shows otherwise.

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No, they don't think white people is useless. They think straight white men is evil. That's the cultural marxist indoctrination creed.

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SJWs are victims. Victims of jewish brainwashing.

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Of course. The magic land was supposed to make black people rich - just wait for food to grow.

Should have seen the look on their faces when they FINALLY realized (after going through the period of cursing the Boers for hexing the land with YT voodoo) that they actually have to put in work to make the crops grow. It was epic.

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FINALLY realized

I find it hard to believe they ever stopped thinking like niggers.
They'll just parse it as white man putting a juju on the land to stop the free gibs crops from growing.

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Shoulda laced the soil with vibranium you dumb cunts.