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You know, I'm not gonna lie. This thing makes me very fucking angry with the whole fucking West and our ((( leaders ))).

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It makes me angry that many of my countrymen are for open borders, diversity and think that handouts are good ideas. My own white fucking countrymen! Jesus fuck.

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On the surface they will scream "aye im for diversity, love not hate." because they are afraid to be ostracized by their peers.

Online they'll be "it's all the joos fault, we are just brainwashed."

Fuck this cowardly lot.

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It's a political game, unfortunately. If Trump specifically lets in whites from South Africa he would immediately be accused of racism, despite us already allowing in people from South America, Africa, the Middle East, and everywhere else. Any immigration argument he uses in the future would be weakened.

It's not right and it's not the way politics should be run, but when you have dishonest and shady politicians, the righteous path isn't always the best path.

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The Boers are fleeing for their lives. Fleeing from murderous savages. They are the only true refugees in Africa and Russia is the only country with the balls to help them. We remain trapped by worry of how things would look if we save the white people. We shouldn't care.

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Just have the South Afrikaners "identify" as black. Play their own stupid game against them.

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We should make a bit of noise about it, shouldn't we?

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If you dig enough it all connects to Thatcher letting communist guerellas take over.