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Good for them and Russia, but that's our loss. Those were productive hard working people who could have fit in well here.


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Nah, their farms they keep alive for over 100 years just happen due to their privilege.

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Fucking white people and their...

shuffles deck, draws card



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You'd think that useless white people were a myth using that kind of logic, however your average sjw shows otherwise.


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Of course. The magic land was supposed to make black people rich - just wait for food to grow.

Should have seen the look on their faces when they FINALLY realized (after going through the period of cursing the Boers for hexing the land with YT voodoo) that they actually have to put in work to make the crops grow. It was epic.

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We'll just.. Take

This is a pet peeve of mine but the hour is later than you think. It isn't about how many you or we take. Migration isn't the real issue anymore. The demographical shift has already happened in Europe and it will soon in the US. If migration stopped today it would be far too late.

Naive people think they will be able to repatriate 50% of the entire population of Europe. Then the purity tests start and you get to deal with problems of who is and who isn't white. And all of this is supposed to happen peacefully because 350 million people will go without protest.

At the risk of sounding completely fatalist, I don't see a way out of this. Any ethnostate has become absolute fantasy and even the dream of assimilating the newcomers into US or European culture has failed due to the huge influx of people who have assembled in ghettos forming parallel societies.

It's not about how many new people come. It's about how long we have until the welfare states collapse and how to manage the civil unrest that will happen when they do. That is the real issue.


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Migroids, I like it.


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It's not the same. Migroids are the new saints especially in Frank's and Pelosi's church.


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Honestly considering the world situation, anything good for russia is probably good for us directly what with them seemingly opposing jewish interests out in the open now.

Even poland itself is only messing with the jews so far as refusing to take the blame(!?) for the holocaust suddenly out of the blue, as well as not letting jihadists in. Russia is actually fighting and killing israeli-proxys in syria as we speak and helping us out.

I love that the leftys were right about russia being on our side, it's pretty sweet.


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Russia will be on the conservative side in the war against cultural marxism under the current government.