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Ever notice that most times stereotypes are correct? Take niggers and crime for example……..

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A big reason that the liberal left uses outliers as a trend, and not the mean. They don't realize, that in terms of p-values they are doing the exact opposite of what they should, in terms of accepting their hypothesis.

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Flashbacks to boring stats class.

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That was very subtle what you did there and you're a very clever boy for doing it.

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It's almost like stereotypes exist because of commonalities seen over and over again in that particular population. Liberals are just retards. Stereotypes are not racist. It's keen observation.

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no goy! don't recognize behavioral patterns goy! it's all just white privelage!

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I ALWAYS see blacks eating fast food on BART, making a mess, throwing all the refuse on the floors and seats, and generally acting like dirty animals.

I never once saw a white or asian violate Bart's "no food consumption rules". Its actually a STATE LAW pushed onto BART against Bart's will ($250 and up to 48 hours of community service). No blacks ever get cited EVER.

San francisco gov thinks acknowledging black crime is RACIST!

San francisco even made it practically legal for blacks to smash car widows and steal. Its no longer a crime because the jails were packed with blacks.

In 1990 San Francisco has LOWEST per capita crime rate in all of california of cities one tenth their size and up. (Bakersfield was number one back then)


SF Now Has Highest Per Capita Property Crime Rate In The US !




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Most of those laws or rules on the train were made for black people. Even a regular person who eats something on the train would throw it away at the next stop. Blacks will toss their trash anywhere and not give a damn. That's how they are. I think the "no shouting" rule was a big one too, that was the dead giveaway. Absolutely fucking nasty, classless people. All those bulletproof glass windows on buses, stores and theaters are because of them too. Not just for robberies but when they want to assault the clerk or driver.

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Well that seems to be the trend. We can't have nice things because of niggers. It's also a major reason they continue to allow even more violent mudslide shitskins in from Africa and the Middle East. In twenty years time, they'll say "oh, but you HAVE to receive this microchip in your hand, think of how unsafe you are without it!"

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IMO it really isn't the state's place to force those policies. But yeah, CA is a shithole so none of this is too surprising

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Crime is their culture of course

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Blacks make up 12% of ridership but almost 70% of bans from BART?? shocking lol

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My God! No matter what we do we can't seem to get rid of Racism!!

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It's horrible isn't it.

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Rabbi Steinberg, I fear this won't be solved until we rid the world of white people.

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Political correctness in a pure form. Liberals don't wamt equal opportunity,they don't even want equal outcomes, they want equal perception. For you see, a liberal is blinded by his own ego. To him, the world is just a reflection of himself. That's why he has to identify with the most despicable ethnicities,he doesn't have the strength to see a world outside himself, amd to seperate himself from that. He just mushes it all together,poor sod.

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Just ride mass transit in any major city like Chicago, NYC or Vegas and you can see how horrible blacks are. They want to start a fight over anything.

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Ride the DC metro often enough. It's always niiiigggeerrrrrs violating the rules, getting into fights, attacking whites, and generally acting feral

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The left still fancies the idea that these zoo animals will be domesticated eventually. Just one more black judge (who has white admixture), one more black politician (who have others do their job for them - lookin at you, Maxine), one more black president (first black president was both lazy & a criminal - how fitting), and one more nanny-state welfare program will instantly make blacks compatible with civilization.

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The Bay area is a prime example of selectively enforcing the law. If it keeps going there will be no law enforcement at all, which is what most of the residents want

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