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The lefts rhetoric puts them in a race to the bottom. They are selling out 2% of the population for the benefit of the most insane. They really have been at war with reality for over a century. They put up a hell of a fight but it really is almost over for them.


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A race to the extremes is how I have viewed it, to obtain power on the left one needs to be the biggest victim and at the same time minimize the victimhood of others to paint them as the oppressor. So these lesbians are now oppressors of the trans community, typical cultural Marxism and exactly how it self destructs.


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Its new too because every other time marxists have popped up, they end up seizing power quickly. Luckily are founders were intelligent enough to setup a states first system with an electoral college. As a result the left has to pander harder and harder to secure power. Trumps record breaking inauguration marks the day the snake that is the democrat party's head bit the tail.