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Uh, isn't that called a buffet?

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Yup, San Francisco has finally figured out the restaurant business...Price everyone out of it except for their elites and their restaurant choices that come out to a minimum $200 bill for two.

For everyone else? Fuck your plastic straws, fuck your waiters and waitresses, fuck your clean streets, fuck your clean and safe neighborhoods, fuck your job security, fuck your laws that we don't agree with, and also, eat like a fucking pleb while you serve yourself, because San Fran doesn't give a fuck.

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Manhattan won't have food soon. All the diners can't afford the space to operate, most places thriving could fit in a mobile kitchen. It's just banks that can afford rent. Soon money won't mean shit

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But first, you’ll have to go get your silverware.

I know I want a bunch of dirty needle users dipping their hands in the same tray I'm pulling my supposedly clean fork out of.

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You think the common server is that much better? I've seen someone use a container to bleach clean something, dump the bleach water, and place lemon wedges in them for drinks. They never rinsed the fucking bleach.

I no longer request lemons with tea or water.

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Yeah, that's one of those little life lessons you learn, after a while: never get drinks with lemons in them; don't drink the water, as it's usually from the tap of a building with shitty rusty pipes; and always check the rim of a glass for lip stains, before drinking anything. It's a tell-tale sign that they didn't wash it properly.

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I've seen servers in SF take silverware that "looked clean" while clearing off a dirty table, then re-set another table with it. (I now actually carry a little travel silverware kit in my purse/bag if I ever have to go to restaurants with people, because I'm sick of sending back greasy and crusty forks). And don't forget how servers love wiping the edge of your plate, before they serve it to you, with the same damp old rag they use for wiping tables.

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Don't forget no plastic straws either

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I know I want a bunch of dirty needle users dipping their hands in the same tray I'm pulling my supposedly clean fork out of.

Wait 'til you see the rest rooms.

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How about Chilis? Tablet with the menu. Lets you order stuff and pay the bill. That's like 90% of what the waiter is for. Piece of crap app still defaults to 20% tip when I don't need them anymore.

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oh fuck every time i want to do a "monk" and turn all of the tablets around so they cant take video or pictures or voice or whatever. those are the best for chillis but not for everyone there because privacy is not there

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In a balanced society Virtue signaling is respomsinle for predictable consequences.

Hunt down those pushing for this type of min wage hike and demand they fix this.

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Minimum wage is a way to shuffle people from these low value jobs into better jobs. The current minimum wage keeps shoe shining from being profitable, but do we really need full employment via employing useless jobs like shoe shiners?

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Minimum wage is a way to make illegal many jobs, and make many people unemployable. Bring on the robots, ye people who can't grasp basic economics!

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You have no idea how any of this works.

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Mean while I'm doing a real job and I just started at 16/h after spending money and time going to a tech school....

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Tipped workers make the full minimum wage in Nevada, maybe this writer should do some more research.

However, you should see the towns bordering California in states like Arizona. It's hilarious, no one does business near the border in California. They just go open in Arizona. The town that was there is just dead. Gas costs $1-1.50 more than in Arizona, gas stations are only in California for the utterly desperate. Everyone else goes to Arizona if they can. The towns put Detroit and Gary, Indiana to shame with poverty.

Hard to believe it's so rich though; the companies and people that stay must truly be fucking dumb or have some reason for putting up with the shit there.

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No one want to serve gays is the issue...nothing to do with money at all

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Pretty sure that's a non-issue in San Francisco.

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Aren't most of the servers gay?

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Less niggers and dirty jews spitting into your food. I call it a win myself especially when the servers can just hit a street corner with a sign that says will work for food. They can shoot up their dinner.

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Improve your life still further, and cook your own food at home.

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Then those out of work just rob your house while you and your family are out to dinner. Solves itself.

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or maybe I don't feel like chick-fil-a and let them go without me and I stay home and log onto voat.........

Solves itself.

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