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The dude who stole the hat and threw the drink has lost his job and been booked into county jail on a charge of theft with a possible charge of assault either of which which count as a strike under the three strikes law (He already has a drug possession conviction and a car theft conviction) , so this will probably get him 15 or 25 to life minimum sentence if he is convicted which is practically a given with the video evidence available.

He is about to discover the consequences of his actions...


[–] hillbilly_guy 0 points 29 points (+29|-0) ago 

He'll spend 90 days in jail or less, wait and see.


[–] timemage2 3 points 7 points (+10|-3) ago 

thats enough time to destroy a mans life.


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Actually they'll find an excuse to drop the charges. Have to keep the crazies motivated


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I thought 3 strikes only applies to felonies. That was a misdemeanor theft and assault.

Wait...wait...Strong armed Robbery? Could qualify as that but I don't think so. He snatched the hat from the kid didn't demand he give it to him. Oddly enough that's a lesser crime.

Felony theft? for a hat? I dunno do they mean strong arm robbery? Again that's possible. But Felony theft has to be a gun or ovver a certain amount of money I thought.


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In Cal, there's a case affirmed on appeal that allowed the third strike to be a man who snatched a piece of pizza from a kid. Taxpayers now pay for his housing for life.

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the prosecutor wants to see which way the media spins the story, and the "public opinion" before he decides weather or not to do his job.