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The dude who stole the hat and threw the drink has lost his job and been booked into county jail on a charge of theft with a possible charge of assault either of which which count as a strike under the three strikes law (He already has a drug possession conviction and a car theft conviction) , so this will probably get him 15 or 25 to life minimum sentence if he is convicted which is practically a given with the video evidence available.

He is about to discover the consequences of his actions...

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He'll spend 90 days in jail or less, wait and see.

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thats enough time to destroy a mans life.

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Actually they'll find an excuse to drop the charges. Have to keep the crazies motivated

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I thought 3 strikes only applies to felonies. That was a misdemeanor theft and assault.

Wait...wait...Strong armed Robbery? Could qualify as that but I don't think so. He snatched the hat from the kid didn't demand he give it to him. Oddly enough that's a lesser crime.

Felony theft? for a hat? I dunno do they mean strong arm robbery? Again that's possible. But Felony theft has to be a gun or ovver a certain amount of money I thought.

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In Cal, there's a case affirmed on appeal that allowed the third strike to be a man who snatched a piece of pizza from a kid. Taxpayers now pay for his housing for life.

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How is it a "possible charge of assault"? That's obviously assault.

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the prosecutor wants to see which way the media spins the story, and the "public opinion" before he decides weather or not to do his job.

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There's nothing wrong with being racist. Being labeled a racist isn't outrageous at all.

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Glad someone hasn't forgotten this. Being racist isn't a fucking crime.

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It is in Britbongistan.

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Slander from the Jewish press is a badge of honor.

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That's not slander.

Don't be ridiculous.

Printed lies are libel. 😁

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Even if the kids were racist, which they probably weren't, the lamestream media makes an attempt to justify theft and assault. An average day with our fucked up media.

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Justified sinners.

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Complete malicious lie. There was literally no one else there to have "witnessed" it which means the reporter made it up completely.

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There was one other man who appeared to have left with the perpetrator at the time of the crime.

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https://rehold.com/San+Antonio+TX/SUNNY+GLN/13722 his name is Don Jeffcoat. he and the fairy kino live together along with the fairy's mom. my gaydar is sounding off on this one. (above link disabled but here it is anyway)

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Wow, what a very organic way for teens to talk.

"Well, fellow teen, I am feeling very confident in my white caucasian supremacy this fourth of July evening! How about you?"

"Yes, my other fellow teen friend, I too find my confidence in my anglo-saxon ancestry is especially emboldened. In fact, I was thinking about that motion picture I saw recently, The Purge, and well, you know, those darned negroes and brown latino people who go around everywhere all like you know how those people are? shakes his head in disgust

other teen also shakes his head "Yes, fellow teen, raping and stealing and not paying taxes, that's what they have on their mind, I tell you what. And that Purge movie, that got me thinking too. Tell me, what thinking did you do when it got you a thinking?"

Teen 2 nods sagely "Well, Chadley, I was thinking, this Purge? Why it looks like a gosh darn sporting good fun. If we and all of our white teen friends were to round up a few APCs and some proper armaments, we could spend our weekends just purging our teenage white hooligan feelings away on these dark skinned rapin, thievin, tax shunnin' folk. Golly, it would be just the best! Oh, let me just put on my MAGA hat, I don't want this stiff breeze to muss up my hair, you know how Suzie hates it when my hair gets mussed up!"

Totally believable.

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The anonymous witness was disgusted and left with his family. At 2:30 AM.

I see families with kids at wal-mart at 2:30 AM. So I guess it could happen. But the whole Purge talk thing sound retarded.

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Of course they did. Someone gets killed/assaulted by a nigger, media claims that they clearly had it coming because they said nigger sometime in their lives. You didn't see this shit bag trying to snatch the hat off of a grown man did you? Because he knows he would have gotten his ass beat.

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Not sure who to talk to or how this might work but we need a fund for these boys and others to bring a lawsuit against news outlets for "careless" reporting which harms individuals or society. If news outlets are irresponsible they should be penalized.

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Not just careless reporting it’s defamatory libel. It is something these kids could certainly pursue assuming they weren’t actually shouting profanities at the whataburger staff.

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Of course it's defamatory but it's easier to make a case of "carelessnes" if only because it's an established pattern. And motivation doesn't have to be established. Doesn't major media have a responsibility to not harm society by careless reporting? It would set an interesting precedent if we could win just one case on this. They always want us to believe they have the sacred first amendment right but then actually harm society while using it.

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By we you mean not you, right?

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If it were legitimately a case of a nigger standing up for themselves they would have spewed the hatred back at them like saying how would we like it if all the colored folk ranted about wanting to hang whites from the trees and lampposts but instead of seeing that all we see is a person having a slight nigger moment and stealing a hat. Since that's all we've seen the (((media))) is trying to downplay it like instead of being an attack on a person's right to freedom of speech and expression that it was an attack on racism and hatred because that always inevitably leads back to the jews. They're trying to give him a pass because it helps their cause while if the opposite is found out to be the truth it only helps to strengthen the argument for free speech which hurts them.

I really wish my country had the balls to have freedom of speech so never give it up you burger niggers. I kid you not it's so important that if you decided to invade my country I'd side with you just to get the freedom of speech alone because at least then I could openly side against the juden menace with you without fear of imprisonment.

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Learn from the burger niggers and the Irish Republic potato niggers on how to fight for your freedom

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