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Generation Z is a write-off. My generation looks at Generation Z and just shakes its head in disbelief at how weak and useless they are.

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No link to the original study in the article. Yeah, that seems legit. /s

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Research info here: https://thinks.ipsos-mori.com/

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Only 2/3 of the group of liberals they polled identify as "exclusively heterosexual." Nice try. Don't poll a group of normal people. Then the goy might wake up and realize less than 1% of Americans even think about trivial shit like this.

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Lots of chicks have their hamster tell them bi/les and poly are their new identity, but 95% grow out of it and get back on monogamous dick.

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so long as the 2/3rds that remain are 1 male and 1 female i dont see a problem here ...NEXT!

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I see your username, and then I see you post this bullshit hoax and I get confused.