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But he was all the fuck over Trump just for saying words.

[–] Rebel_Media_FTW [S] 2 points 41 points (+43|-2) ago 

Oh a lot more then that.

A bunch of politicians in Canada got nailed hard by the #MeToo thing and Trudeau kicked out several people in his party..

There's been rumors more is coming.

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This is an ol' fashion tactic we call in the psychology field "Projection".

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Notice that he apologized then (2000) and he rationalizes it by basically saying: well, I did it to be polite to her.

But he won't apologize now - literally say the same thing he did then - because of the image it will present in the current context.

Dude is a fucking twerp. Get him out.

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Well what the hell took so long for this shit to leak? The fucking media here went through obscure delete scenes to kill Trump's character. Willingly go out of their way to pay woman to admit that Trump "raped" them. Etc.... This shit is 10 years old

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please, i grope with both hands, fuck waving

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Well of course! Trudeau is allowed to grope women because he is a leftist who is fighting genocide by replacing white culture. Trump isn't allowed to say words because he is a Nazi.

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The thing about leftism is that it is mostly identity politics. There is not much logic in leftism, a C-grade non-binary mudskinned student should be hired over an A-grade straight light-skinned male, because that's the leftist creed. If you're a pedophile but you're a progressive like Biden then you're alright. If you assassinate a bunch of people but you're a progressive like Hillary then you're alright.

Muslims in europe are allowed and encouraged to gang rape white children but if european men are doing the same they will be punished -> is actually a real thing. Trying to burn a church means you're "confused" but trying to burn a mosque means you're a bigoted nazi.

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He keeps rambling about this "problem in society". Libshits always try to talk about "the problem" as if it's nothing to do with them. Society didn't grope that woman's titties Justin.

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I only heard bull shit didn't sound like he was trying to answer the questions more like recite some pre written spin

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I don't get it. Why would a gay man grope a woman?

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He would fuck everything with a hole.

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He wouldn't. This is poorly conceived 4-D Fake News to get us to think of him as masculine.

[–] 0033 6 points -2 points (+4|-6) ago 

Ftm tranny not "gay man". Ftm sodomite.

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this fucking guy gropes a woman and makes her so noticeably uncomfortable that he even realizes it and apologizes. she's the victim and he's standing up here talking about how "he feels"... then to top it off turns this whole situation into a lecture to the world on proper behavior, wtf. every time i see this clown or hear him speak it really aggravates me. if i was in the same vicinity as him id be fighting back the urge...id want so bad to start hurling every object i can get my hands on, and aim for his stupid head. (men who grope women are the biggest fuckin bitches ever. talking to her and getting her to the point where she wants to be touched by you...having a personality/confidence, every beta's kryptonite).

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When someone asks a question about him specifically, he responds with "we....". Suck shit you little faggot coward, don't pull other people into it. What a pussy.

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Wow... that is cringy and embarrassing to even watch.

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Trudeau is cringy and embarrassing.

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I couldn't make it through the whole thing either.

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This is just a stunt he planned himself to "prove" that he's not a homosexual.

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I find it very hard to believe that he groped a woman. He must have been reaching for her male companion.

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