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This was a 30 y/o man who assaulted and robbed a 15 y/o kid. He was a bouncer at a bar and has employer has already fired him. Also he's a spic who talks and acts like a nigger.


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"We have since terminated this employee"

Jesus. Someone doesn't fuck around.

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They fucking killed him?

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They killed him?


But seriously, don't work for a mafia or intelligence agency if you don't like the feet-first retirement ceremony.

There are literally jobs you can never retire from. They tell you going in, if you become an expert on X, then the only way you leave is feet first (when they carry your corpse out.)

There are even special retirement homes to keep the aging senile people from spilling secrets.

I avoided those jobs.

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It's judgement day!

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The only way to teach a nigger is to terminate it.

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Propably an illegal or has a shitton of illegal family here.

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Someone should try to get his name, make an anonymous call to ICE

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Niggers and spics will only act like that with easy victims.

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Sad thing is, if that kid had retrieved his hat and whooped this guy's ass, the kid would be the one going to jail. He has to sit there and take it or risk arrest. The law should again allow the use of force to retrieve property. Currently there is no self help available to citizens to prevent theft without the additional threat of injury. This should change.

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Good for you!

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probably a half spic/nigger crossbreed. Either that or a mid eastern, basically the same thing.

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Looks mid eastern to me, in that case he doesn't have any business using the word 'nigga' (i dont care but i like infighting)

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In cases like these, I’d prefer the YouTube link, so that we can try to get it some trending action on YouTube. I know youtube’s Algorithms and employees are anti-this, so please don’t waste your air trying to fill my ear hole about it, but this shit NEEDS to hit a broader market, and it needs every fucking view we can give it on jewtube

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It'd trend for about an hour until it mysteriously disappeared off the list. Then several more videos would pop up questioning its disappearance.

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There's still ways around it. Remember that they are hiring retards.

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Assulting somone and taking is property, welcome to the felony club, I am sure he will be needing something to support his shit.

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Both are misdemeanors where it concerns this video. Not every assault is a felony.

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If the kid moved to take his hat back and the guy punched him, thats robbery. If someone takes your shit like where I live you can shoot them.

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It's not a misdemeanor if it's motivated by hate against a protected class and it has mitigating circumstance including theft and that the victim I believe is a minor.

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A good lawyer could turn it into one.

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hes been doxxed, got fired, and has had to delete all his social media accounts local news has interviewed the victim.

people are already reaching out to contact the victim to press charges. oh, and the fascist america hater also has a criminal reecord, surpise.

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I love this comment:

He has been doxed.  
He has been fired from his job.  
He has deleted all his social media  accounts.  
The local news has interviewed the victim.   
>(You are here)  
He has been arrested.  
He has been tried and convicted.  
He has been imprisoned.  
He has become Tyrone's bitch.  
He has been deported.  
He has died of AIDS in Mexico.  
His mother has committed sudoku.  

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his mom is solving number puzzles?

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How do you not call the cops for assault at that point? Lock that spic up!

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From the comments

So the guys at the table are ready and recording with their phones, and the aggressor's buddy is in the background recording with his phone, and there are no other patrons within sight... suspicious. people will do anything to get trending, be careful what you spread around.

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It's possible, I guess some people have taken much more than a drink to the face for 5 minutes of fame.

I just thought the reactions were genuine. And for a reference I don't know if he's an employee, that's just the only story right now.

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I think Whattaburger is open 24 hours. You go at 3 AM and there are like 2 people working. Usually pretty dead.

Bouncer and his buddy probably just got off work. Saw a couple of "nerds", guys that don't work out, Still fuming over reddit posts of Mexican kids crying after being dragged through the desert by their parents at night or being denied the "chicle" of choice in the WalMart parking lot. The bouncers saw a chance to exert some authority.

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Probably because this taco nigger was already yelling at them from across the place. It's already shown to not be some staged event because the restaurant reviewed their footage and fired him plus he is already a convicted criminal.

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That's the only time coward spiggers (spic niggers) would act. And only against weaker opponents.

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Starbucks level national outrage in 3....2....1..../..../ hello?




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