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Fearful that sharing more of the text might trigger the deletion of its Facebook page, The Vindicator has suspended its serialization of the declaration.

So (((Faceberg))) won, The Vindicator cucked.

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Their own post confirms Facebook restored it. This happened yesterday.

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Reason.com is cucked.

"Indian savages" is neither racist nor demeaning. It is an accurate description of an entire culture that engaged in murderous raids of neighboring settlements for entertainment. Murdering the men and rape-enslaving the women is savage behavior and historical fact.

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more marxist bs

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See what Niggers do! They get offended over anything they can think of just to have a reason to loot and throw a fit.

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Today's reality looks like a satire

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None of this is meant as a defense of referring to Native Americans as "savages." That phrasing is clearly racist and serves as another example of the American Revolution's mixed legacy

Again, this is bullshit and incorrect.

The D of I was complaining about the British ENCOURAGING the Indians to act like savages by attacking settlers.

Not that all Indians are "Savages". The lack of ability to understand context is astoundingly atrocious.

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Technically it does contain very strong hatred towards King George III.

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I'm just writing any old thing so I can find this article tomorrow to show to my husband. Incredible.

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Fuck Facebook. It’s a jew tool. And, fuck them too.

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