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What part of this don't you understand?

Your enemy controls the information stream. That enemy is committed to exterminating you and everyone like you.

You have two choices- mutually assured destruction compelled stalemate and possible negotiated peace.

Or embrace your overlords and the extermination order against your people!

If you choose MAD, make sure you have some form of deployable NBC capabilities and multilayered redundancy to make the negotiation a legitimate negotiation. You must have the capability and willingness to exterminate all human life as the last defense against extermination. If you have the capability to secure or develop such weapons yourself, you should do so sooner than later.

If you do not possess NBC capabilities then know that if the enemy continues his pursuit of your peoples extermination, such weapons development capability will be given to all people if certain thresholds are crossed. If you are ready to receive them when those markers are crossed, then you will have power and choice to be one of those who develops and deploys extinction weapons.

Choose now how you will decide if that day should ever come. Hope it never does.