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You know it's pretty fucking bad when Iraq gives more of a damn about Britain than the British.

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Rudyard Kipling documented the century of colonial care the White man gave to civilise his child-like savage dependents.

It's like those children are grown, and tenderly wipe the drool from crippled senile former bosses, who have long lost all their sensibilities.

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Kipling was an asshole, but your analogy isn't far off the mark.

I lived in the UK for around 5 years. Used to visit until I just couldn't stand London and that shit hole airport Heathrow.

The Brits stole so much from around the world that they've been running on the interest from that treasure. As a result, their people excel in talking, not doing.

The Paki import business started because they didn't want to do certain jobs. All the street cleaners were pakis back then. Heathrow would be full of them. Now their kids have grown into their immigration officers, mayors and baronets - Baroness Warsi, if you please.

Any wonder they shield the rapist gangs.

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Except with a judge who clearly states death it means ALL of those people now likely qualify as refugees with valid asylum requests.

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We'd better stop those NGOs shipping them back to Europe then.

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Hot take. Didn’t think about it that way.

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You know it's pretty fucking bad when Middle East is more rational than the west. If something drastic doesnt happen, the Middle East will be more stabilized than europe.

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Keep calm and don't be a racist

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At least someone, somewhere, is interested in protecting them.

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imagine in 1999, 2000 if someone told you the WTC would be destroyed, thousands dead thanks to corruption, terrorism conspiracy, Iraq would become an ally after the Bush Mafia destroyed them and injured, killed, damaged thousands in a corrupt fake war, the drug fields of some islamo hell hole in Asscrackistan protected, Britain becomes BritbongLondonistan protects Paki Arab criminals/rapists and British poltical wants to ban the US President, while hundreds of crazy leftwing Euro leaders want no borders want to save all these so called 'refugees' and Soros paying for Afros and islamics to invade....Write this was your prediction in 1999, and now today you would be called racist for building a wall to stop Mexican gangsters....if you wrote this as a prediction...people would think you were crazed or writing shitty fiction

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you'd be referred to a psychiatrist lol

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That's why identity politics is silly. It's pretty obvious that white cuck Trudeau should be shot first before this Iraqi.

You know what's worse than someone who genocide other race? Someone who genocide his own race.

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The only correct way to sentence a jihadis a bullet to the back of the head and kicking their body into an unmarked pit.

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...filled with pig shit.

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If you then feed them to pigs instead they will become pig shit.

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The ironey of this situation is almost to much for me to handle..

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Iraqi trials can last as little as 10 minutes and justice is swift and brutal.

Looks like that there's more justice in Iraq than Britain.

Remember, during white golden age, the white mob wouldn't take too long to lynch criminals. No human rights faggots.

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He doesn't want the British jihadis coming in and stirring up trouble. Makes sense to me. The benefit to UK is incidental.

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Good Guy Iraqi Judge.

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So, iraqis are better brits than the brits themselves...

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This is insane

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