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Aka another false flag op to ignite the race war

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Or to collect the faces of those in attendence, dox as many as possible, and thus thwart the rebellion.

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And constrain attendees with 5-year-long court battles, cosuming tens of thousands of dollars each.

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Awesome! I hope so. We need a good, long civil war/revolution. I have arrest warrants to issue

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Breivik didn't sit around waiting for civil war to be declared.

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More likely another set up to demoralize white people and try to further squash the far right. Jews don't want a race war until they know they can be in total control of it the whole time.

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I bet I can predict what happens. This rally will be attacked violently by masked antifa faggots, who will be armed with metal melee weapons, because it's speech that they don't like. The cops will sit back and watch antifa try to attack people at the rally, with the metal weapons and the minute people at the rally try to defend themselves against this serious threat to bodily harm, the police will only then jump in and arrest the ones trying to defend themselves and zero masked antifa terrorists will be arrested, again.

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Bonus Round: Antifa then blames the cops who were fully complicit with their goals

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I just read an official post on one of the Antifa pages about the Portland riot and I tell you, it read just like something you would hear from that woman who does the news broadcasts on North Korean television. The lying propaganda is ridiculous.

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I expect some reasonable, fair and unbiased news coverage of this event.

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Stay away! Obvious trap is obvious

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I heard you like civil rights, schlomo. We do to.

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The more the media REEEEEEEEEEEEE about this, the better. Everybody act and dress nice!

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Or just don't fucking go because rallies are for the unhinged and unemployed.

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Or those who have some vacation time.

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Do not follow Jason Kessler into battle if you know what's good for you.

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I almost forgot to mention that Jason Kessler was an activist in the Occupy Movement, and he's also "pro-gun control". He supported Obama (a black President). Look online for his tweets, if you're interested.

There was also a Jason Kessler who worked for CNN as an assignment editor (5 or 6 years ago, I believe). Kessler is a globalist double agent, and pure poison to any white nationalist group, or even any civic nationalist group.

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"Kessler" is an Ashkenazi Jew surname. From Google:

"Kessler or Keßler is a surname of German, Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazi) origins. It is an occupational name that means coppersmith."

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=sGKsc7x-XNw :

'White Civil Rights Rally' application approved for DC - YouTube

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