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But a wall on the southern border of USA would NOT work.


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Spics with stones are a bit on the nose but arabs with jackets explode.

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Spics with stones may break my bones but walls will keep them the fuck out of my country

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Latino Cartels and MS13 death squads don't exist goys, there's only poor people down south, and if you don't allow them in they'll throw stones at your border guards! We need much more tolerance in this world! You should accept their subhuman culture as a welcoming enrichment to yours! We wuz all immigrants n shit!

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You couldn't that line into a good limerick, I'd bet.

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ISIS holds a huge amount of territory in Syria.

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Mexico holds a huge amount of territory south of USA.

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Don't believe the media lies. ISIS is gone from Syria and that has madr the Obama holdovers in the State Dept and the evil CIA sad.

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Sooooo this wall can be funded, but not one to protect our own border???

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this is a DOD decision free from inference from American Communist politicians

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The article did not say DOD, but if true, can't Trump just tell the DOD to build our wall?

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so americans taxpayers are paying for sand niggers protection ?

job constructors must be rubbing their hands

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The DOD has literally billions in black budgets

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More than that, they "lost" 21 Trillion $ since 9/11

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B-b-buuuut what if ISIS brings kiiiiiiiiids?!?!?!?

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It would be monstrous to separate the ISIS fighters from their wifes

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they already ate them

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Now these kikes are just teasing us. They're like haha silly goyim we build wall around Jerusalem and made us taxpayer pay for it. Look well build one for our Semitic friends in Iraq...

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Its almost like you could put one up between us and Mexico……………….600KV should do it.

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600KV should do it.

So it could double as power distribution.

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Great idea. I like it.

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We can give the Mexicans jobs we can have giant hamster wheels on it for electricity. Wow my ideas are so good.

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Power to the people!

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Lol ok what's the real reason?

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Not to stop migration as the EU cosponsored a Turkish concrete border with Syria, Iraq and Iran.

This fence could potentially keep out fleeing Syrians when a potential war with SDF/US and SAA happens?

Needless to say, US has money for walls in different countries, yet can't even put up a simple steel columned wall to keep out all the MS13 and other cartel garbage. Idiotic to say the least.

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Look I agree but it’s not just the cartel Thats trash. It’s that entire country and everything south of it.

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Someone knows someone with a barbed-wire surplus in stock.

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Well that’s stupid. I mean everybody knows fences and walls don’t work.

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YEAH! Walls are intolerance, walls are designed to keep you in! Walls can never work, even the the pope in the walled in Vatican city tells us that walls will never work! We should pay to make their countries much more better or expect more poor people to come to us! Walls are racist n shieet!




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Your taxes pay to keep foreigners out of foreign lands.

Your taxes pay to keep foreigners in our lands.

Your taxes pay to keep them fat and happy in both lands.

Your taxes fund your extinction, white man.

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White man must have lost his mind (and courage).

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