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This will be Mexico soon. They just elected a commie

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Communism ends in starvation and genocide.

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Jewish rule ends in starvation and genocide of goys?Who could've thought that?

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Communism ends starvation.

Can’t be starving to death if you’ve already died of malnutrition, sepsis, or dehydration! Taps head.

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No he is right. Communism ends in starvation and genocide.

White people won't end in starvation, whites are smart enough to do some subsistence farming to sustain themselves. The communist though will use their shitskin army to genocide whites. Why do you think they pushing the "disarming of whites" aka gun control in America?

In South Africa, whites aren't starving, they are getting genocided.

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Funny how the leftists once claimed Venezuela was a "shining example" of socialism done right.

When it all went to hell (as it inevitably does), they shut the fuck up real quick.

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Yep that's true. Commie leftist political science professors in US actually think that Chavez is a good guy.

It's funny how people don't realize that there's no such thing as free food. If you give free food to those "poor welfare jobless" trash, someone gotta procure those food from somewhere. And we all know, it is always the same group of people who got taxed to death. Working class white and asians. It doesn't matter how hard they work, they will be fleeced by the IRS and their salary redistributed to the usual lazy AA beneficiaries. And of course the jewish bankers get the cut from the racket.

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I have trouble feeling sorry for the people there. They are the idiots that decided to double down on socialism a hundred times over. Now their country is a shit hole run by a dictator and they are completely fucked.

Fucking up your country is easy. Fixing it is hard.

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You joke, but there's a guy in this thread trying to blame their massive fuckup on the US.

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What are those idiots doing? They should raise the minimum wage again, then everyone could afford clean water. /s

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I know nobody wants to save them but maybe that’s the problem. If all the socialists eventually starve to death..dead men tell no tales. Atleast record some interviews before they die or something.

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There's more than enough news and interviews coming out of venezuela to last a lifetime of socialist redpills.

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My buddy said they carjacked him and set him and his friend on fire. Then they took just the tires, didn't even want the vehicle

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Lol, the leftist scholars are now claiming that venezuela is not "socialist."


Many are blaming "populism" instead. Fucking idiots. I don't see Hungary, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Trump America, or whatever other right-wing "populist" government collapsing anytime soon.

It's pretty obvious that left-wing politics do nothing but ruin countries. You are not supposed to govern a country with feels and virtue signaling, dream of unrealistic utopia, and SJW moral high ground bullshit, you are supposed to govern it with pragmatic reactionary conservatism, logic, and based on cold hard truth.

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great.. expecting begin very soon

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