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Pretty simple actually, "No dual citizens shall be permitted to occupy any public office, at any level including but not limited local(city, township municipal) state, and federal. In addition, dual citizens may not hold or be employed, directly or indirectly via contracting, any position in a government/public office/agency at any level including but not limited to local (city, township, municipal), state, federal"

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You know you can just ban dual citizenship entirely and its not that uncommon globally, right? If you feel strongly about it why limit it to government officials; just state that no citizen of the US may hold citizenship of any other nation, and any naturalised citizens must renounce their existing citizenship(s).

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Nor should anyone be allowed to run for public office if they are married to a person with dual citizenship or has an immediate family member who holds a dual citizenship either here or abroad if you want to get serious about it. But weren't the founding fathers dual citizens in the beginning?

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"anyone ELIGIBLE to receive citizenship in another country on thr basis of their religion or ethnicity " But really, we must deal with the cancer, not only apply bandaids. Otherwise the cancer will always seek ways to spread