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Term limits for congressmen is something we've been needing for a looonng time. Why we've let a bunch of 98 year old dustbags sit around giving themselves raises every year just for meddling in a nation that has long since outgrown them for this long is a real head scratcher.

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There's an even bigger risk than just having old people sitting around making laws: if you're a lobbyist it's a much better investment if your stoolie is going to be in office for years and years. If there are term limits at least they have to reinvest every time there's a change.

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The point isn't to put your faith in the integrity of men. The point is to craft a system where a lack of integrity is either irrelevant, or identified and filtered out. Congress isn't meant to be a glorified parliament, a council of a few wise men. It's meant to be a representation of the citizen population. It was designed to be protean. The problem isn't a lack of term limits. The problem is that the proportionality of representation in congress is too low. The national population has doubled many many times, since the cap was introduced. It needs to be removed. When there are 11 thousand members of congress, term limits won't matter very much.

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The implication is that, people "are qualified" to be in congress. A firefighter or someone who learns a trade is a poor comparison. Yes, it's incorrect to think that they need to stop being a firefighter just because they've been doing it too long. However, a congressman is not supposed to be a career. A politician isn't supposed to be a career. It's skills involve negotiation and legal jargon, which is best served by any businessman. The "trade" as seen in today's Congress that require it to be a career involve "connections" and "cronyism". As such, to prevent someone from holding so much power over time, there should right well be limits on how long they serve - they should serve their time and then move along. Would we have professional jurists? Of course not.

Ideally accountability and public scrutinty should be brought forefront as true issues. But in the reality of life, we cannot just rely on people who have become very comfortable in their position of senator to suddenly be trusted to be a stand-up person and be transparent on their actions and connections.

Of course, any such "affirmative action" should he disregarded as well.

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Question; how do those old dustbags get re-elected? Why does nobody run against them?

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The people voting in the primaries are usually the same group year after year and even then a good number don't actually pay attention to the campaigns. This means that the incumbent generally gets reelected based on name recognition alone. Come the generals, party tends to be the biggest deciding factor.

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Other Candidates do run against the Incumbent(s). The core root cause problem is the Voters are simply either too stupid or are paid off to not vote for someone else. Also in major Urban areas, exp Black neighborhoods, many people are van-pooled around to different districts and they vote 3x-4x times using different names with NO proof of ID! This is how Maxine Waters (D-CA) has managed to get re-elected so many times. It's also how Obama managed to get "100%" of the Black Vote in many North and West Philly Districts in 2008. All outright voter fraud.

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This would probably fix a lot of issues but they are never going to vote against themselves. Maybe this is something the convention of states could handle.

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Power to the People! We vote them out if we don't get term limits.

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Yep, it seems like we are starting to get rid of some of them. It is hard to overcome the incumbent advantage and the amount of money those guys get. There are still a lot of people that will check the top box or the Republican/Democrat because thats what they always do, not because they did research.

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I'd like that to extend to ALL workers in the capital, secretaries, assistants, clerks... they all need term limits, otherwise they just indoctrinate the newly elected to their ways.

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Saw an interesting video this week where Thomas Massie said it isn't the fact the Congressmen have been there too long, it's the fact that many of the staffers have been there forever and they hold the behind the scenes power.

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I’m Friends with a lot of those people. Lots of cocaine in dc. It’s great.

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Whats the significance?

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He needs to seriously push this. America seriously needs term limits in Congress. If for nothing else, it costs companies a lot more to constantly lobby new people.

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We don't need term limits. What we need is to limit the ability of politicians to pander to their base by offering to steal from others to pay for the wants of a few.

Article. I. Section. 8. of the Constitution lays out EXACTLY what Congress is supposed to do. They have since grown into an unchainable monster of power and corruption.

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These aren't mutually exclusive. We can do both.

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You know, I can't honestly say that I "know" the answer but the thought of actually getting a just and fair representative into office only to have him ejected 2-6 years later in favor of some schmuck does not appeal to me at all. The reverse obviously is being stuck with the same old same pieces of shit we have......................

.........which is why I posted that we don't need term limits if we limit their ability to steal. A thief in an empty room doesn't have the incentive to steal like one in a vault.

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Porque no los dos?

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Sure we can. Power doesn't corrupt.

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Stop calling for things and do things

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He's sending a message to the base that it's time to bring mob pressure to Congress on this issue. We need a bill.

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The will bring MEGA change

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Like how much better the California legislature had become since they enacted term limits.

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