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George Soros gave various 'charities' hundreds of millions, billions even in 'donations.' This money is just now working its way through the leftist movements in the U.S. and throughout Europe, which is why now we're seeing this big movement of leftists to arm themselves. So now you have jobless welfare recipients, trangenders, gays and incels trying to turn themselves into soldiers. Predictably, they're not going to be great soldiers. Even the minorities on the street that grew up around violence won't make great soldiers, as they lack things like discipline, teamwork and an ample supply of bullets. All of that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if they die 10 to 1. There is plenty of cannon fodder, plenty of hapless fools to use for the 'zerg.' If they can bring things to a tipping point, that's all that is needed. If they can create enough disruption and chaos for the government to step in and declare martial law, that's when guns will be confiscated, borders totally opened and the balkanization of the U.S. will go into full swing.

I don't see the trend reversing because most of these fools have no hope of ever landing a decent job, getting a woman, dating or even getting laid. Many of them are hopelessly sexually confused and can't even get off with a man or a woman, some of them even becoming sexual stuffed animals. Their minds are so twisted from alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs and fucking tide pods, amongst other things that living a productive life, even a 'normal' life where they date, have friends and a job is so beyond them that they have nothing else. This is all they have and the only way they can put up with one another, even in brief moments is if they are fighting a common enemy. We have already seen what happens countless times when they are left without any other group to fight, they quickly feed on themselves. Their brains are often so damaged from morbid obesity, GMOs, juvenille diabetes, a steady diet of TV and the other aforementioned things I listed that they will never, ever realize that there is a world of jobs, friends and dates out there if only they would change themselves. They lack anything resembling self control, motivation or logic. So they blame the world. In their chorus of self-victimization, that is where they find the only comradery most of them will ever know. So the groups that Soros funds, the protests, the online hate groups they take part in, etc. etc is where they will stay. Because they simply have no other options in life. The few, the very few that will find their way out, that aren't so damaged from sexual dysphoria, STDs, huffing glue, crack, meth, LSD and eating 10k calories a day are the lucky ones. For most of them though, this is about as likely as winning the lottery.

Expect this to escalate whether 80% of the country likes it or not. It doesn't matter how low unemployment goes, how many black presidents are sworn in or how many transgenders and gays we put in movies, this will only escalate. I hope I am wrong but we'll see. There are definitely many, many Americans of all races, genders and colors turning away from antifa and the White House is trying to keep the most dangerous illegal alien criminals out of this country and/or in our prisons. If it ever does go to a civil war, the whites on the left will be swiftly slaughtered. The blacks, if not killed in a volley of gunfire when they hit a rich neighborhood or the countryside, will die like flies when the power and electricity goes off in their cities and quickly turn to tribal cannibalism and in fighting. These people on the left don't realize that even if their wildest dreams come true and they kill millions of CIS white males, their death tolls will be much, much greater and they are the undesirables that are being purged, even worse, the useful idiots that are purging themselves. The same thing happens in any violent communist revolutions whether it is Cambodia or Russia.


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its all optics man george soros is seeing his projects fail and said it all went wrong.


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Understandably. I hope he continues to fail. I hope this whole thing never pops off the way I described it popping off. If it does, the 'poor leftists' will bare the brunt of it. Even if their wildest dreams come true and they slaughter millions of straight white males and Trump supporters without mindlessly slaughtering one another with friendly fire and in fighting, they'll drop like flies when the grocery stores close, the food stamps stop flowing and the utilities quit working. The poorest and least self reliant always take the worst end of any war, foreign or domestic.

I'm with you and hope this thing sputters out. There is a lot of evidence to suggest it will and there is some to suggest it won't. If a recession hits, I think it will blow up. More than likely, if it does, you'll see a lot of white liberals get fucking massacred by their 'Xes in arms'


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Perception, public perception?

"Optics" is a retard's crutch of a word in this context


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Someone take one for the team and hunt down Soros.


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Ultimately insane asylums will have to be brought back into use. You're right, these people have no where to go and will never function in society in a good way. The asylums can be given innocuous names to suit the sensibilities of those who would be incarcerated there. This may be the only way to clean up our streets.