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yes. there is another angle. I'll find it and provide link.


might be more angles, I'll search around


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Is that tear gas at the end?


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Cops had to intervene to save antifa faggots.


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Oh yeah, had a lot of that thrown at us in basic training. Not pleasant. First time you are locked in a room full of it and forced to run in circles until everyone can't hold their breath any longer. The next time we were on a 15 mile ruck march. Half way through, the drill Sargent pulls a gas grenade and everyone has to March the rest of the distance back to the barracks blind and snot gushing out of our noses. Time after that, everyone is sleeping outside in sleeping bags at 3 AM drill Sargent lobs gas into the camp.

Oh, man! Those were some good times.

Some people react differently. Some people are almost completely disabled. I was lucky, gas only slightly irritates me. It always amuses me when civilians get their first experiance.