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Absolutely. Keep those families together in another country! Let Mexico pay for their welfare and healthcare since they didn't take issue with letting them in in the first place.

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He is not doubling down, he is following the law.

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So he is doubling down on the rule of law, as he should!

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My point was he was explaining yet again what the law is to the liberal press and they are portraying it like some great subjective risky political move.

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Courts have already ruled on this. Everyone on US soil has certain Constitutional protections whether they are citizen, legal resident, or illegally present. However, people only have due process rights, such as the right to a speedy trial, a jury, an attorney, etc, in criminal cases. You don't have these rights in civil litigation or for things like infractions and administrative violations. This includes parking tickets but it also includes people who are actually caught illegally crossing the border (within 100 miles with no documentation). Now these people can be criminally processed, but then they get due process, which costs a lot since obviously they are going to say they can't afford an attorney, they want a hearing and a trial, they need translators, and in the meantime they get to hang out for a few years in the US awaiting all this great due process.

In the past that was considered absurd so we processed this as administrative issues and simply deported them the same day they were caught, often within hours. When that happens they are also made to sign an agreement not to return within so many years. When they violate that, then it's a slam dunk criminal case, which proceeds quickly.

And again, refugees is a totally different issue. If you're a legit refugee, you don't do illegal border crossings. You get your evidence together and you show up at the border crossing and apply for refugee status. And if you got a kid with you you sure as hell better have their birth certificate with you proving you're the parent. Any legitimate refugee is going to do it right. These other people are clearly fake refugees and a lot of them the kid they say is their is not but is some kid they stole and are planning to sell.

Anyway the summary is that legally, no, they do not have due process rights in deportation hearings that are handled as administrative and non-criminal cases. Criminal cases you are risking prison, so you get due process for that. This is long established US law, since the beginning. The media and the leftists keep lying about this due process issue and unfortunately the right doesn't even know the law and says wrong things like "only citizens are allowed due process" which is absolutely not true.

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The right doesn’t say that - the left straw-mans that and you are falling for it. The distinction is plainly obvious and nothing about enforcing basic border/visa law is controversial. The entire problem is caused by jew media and NGO’s.

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As much as it would make our lives 1000x easier to just deport illegals. this post is correct, there was a case where a US citizen was deported to Mexico because of the lack of trial.

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So basically get every border jumper rounded up and put 1000~ of them in 1 court room and a judge issuing the legal formalities and file the proper paper work on their deportation as well as stamp it. You might as well just deport them automatically and skip this bureaucratic bullshit, their DNA, picture and other evidence to ID them has already been taken by Border Patrol/ICE/DHS so they are on file and not welcome to enter the US legally anymore.

They have no right to council or have their say in this court anyway because they aren't charged criminally for their crime of jumping the border, they just are deported, that is what is annoying Trump because it creates a massive backlog.

There's no need to prison house and feed these savages, just straight up deport them, only repeat border jumpers usually get prison time. It was ruled by a leftist supreme court that illegals have 'some' rights, that is why this bullshit occurs and yes you are right if they were to be charged with a crime they have the same jurisdictional rights as an American which is horrendous.

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Any legitimate refugee is going to do it right. These other people are clearly fake refugees and a lot of them the kid they say is their is not but is some kid they stole and are planning to sell.

so a legit refugee would never, could never, have any situation where they were forced to flee on short notice, etc?

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Why in the fuck do we have to be the destination center for the world's unwashed masses? Their countries have been shitholes since before America was even a country. They should be working to fix the problems within their own countries and not running here for free money, food, health care and housing . . .

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Yes. If you are going to screw him and us over for trying to do the right thing and sort through them, and instead of being grateful for the kindness, act like they were herded up and put in a concentration camp, just deport them immediately and save the sorting for while they are on the other side of the wall/border.

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Glad to see Trump has his mettle back. Would have been better if he had it when Parkland happened instead of calling for bump stock bans.

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You’re not good at politics

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Timing is everything. Trump just can't wade in and start wrecking DC's carefully constructed apparatus. He has to approach this carefully and act when he has the best chance of success, taking it apart piece by piece.

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Let me guess, "4d chesss," right?

Trump's a smart guy, but he's not the mastermind you think he is. Virtue-signalling alongside Diane goddamn Feinstein was a mistake; it didn't get Trump any new support (and as a general rule, "reaching across the aisle" never does), and he lost some support from his core base. More to the point, the American people suffered from this because in the wake of these comments, Florida, Oregon, and a couple other states all passed laws to ban bumpfire stocks. If you recall, Trump surged in support in the election specifically because people thought he wouldn't pull shit like this, that he wouldn't take it up the ass from democrats and enable their policies. He made a mistake, not completely an unforgivable one, but a serious mistake nonetheless. Better to just admit that and move on from it than to invent some grand scheme behind it all.

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Just shoot them instead

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https://archive.fo/BjbtV :

Trump doubles down amid protests: Illegal border crossers must be deported 'immediately' | TheHill

"Trump's demand in his tweet Saturday afternoon also resembled the president's previous claim this week that immigrants caught crossing the border illegally be immediately deported without due process."

'The Trump administration has come under fire in recent weeks for the separation of migrant families, prompting the president to sign an executive order allowing children and parents to be detained together. '

'Congress also rejected a compromise immigration bill on Wednesday that sought to address the family separations, among other issues. '

'"When people come into our Country illegally, we must IMMEDIATELY escort them back out without going through years of legal maneuvering," Trump tweeted while at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., for the weekend. '

'"Our laws are the dumbest anywhere in the world. '

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God Bless our President Donald Trump, following the rule of law. And with the patience of a saint I might add.

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