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You don't think about legislation when you're trying to have a baby, you just want to have a family.

Uh, then maybe you should have thought about it when deciding to spend tens of thousands of dollars on IVF, idiot. Now the world should change because you don't think its fair.


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The issue isn't TODAY, when they are happy and healthy and love each other and sing Kumbayah every night.

In 6 years, when they are catfighting each other and break up in a biter divorce, the courts have to decide custody.

THAT is why the biological part comes into play, as one of the parents might claim, well, I am the biological father, so I should get bonus points" etc. in court. Anyone who has been (or had close friends/family) go through a bitter divorce knows WTF I am talking about. Anything and everything you have ever done, said, or mentioned in passing while in your cups on vacation 8 years ago comes into play.


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Funny how the article managed to avoid that reality, eh? Nope, we're supposed to believe that gay couples never get divorced or fight over their custom-baked kids. They just randomly make up laws to discriminate against the poor gays.

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Not sure what jews have to do with the article in question. Is there a rule that they have to be mentioned in every post no matter what the subject matter?