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canada will lose this trade war.

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Canada: We are angry we can't rip you off in a one way trade deal we have millions of free loaders coming here for welfare, we need that money to keep them happy long enough to replace all the White people!

America: Get a job faggot.

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From a thread on 4chan:

So ...

Canada will put tariffs on their largest trading partner who manufacture 10 times as many things as they do.


How does this hurt Americans? If Canadians buy less American made goods, it decreases the demand and increases the supply.

Increased supply means lower prices for Americans. Sure, it might mean a shift or two runs idle, but it will actually really help the average American. Meanwhile, the average Canadian can look forward to paying between 10-25% more for untold items, and that money goes straight into the coffers of their government who will undoubtedly use it to promote feminism, illegal immigration, and any other leftist cause you can think of. The few Canadian producers that directly compete with American products on store shelves will certainly increase their prices to match (almost) what the increased price of American goods are, because why wouldn't they? Less competition for their products means they can charge more. Fuck I hate my country.

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OH, NO! I’m going to face higher prices on Canadian ketchup, lawn mowers and motor boats? Fuck! That dynamic leader Trudeau sure knows how to deal a crippling blow. That little faggot is actually as funny as the best of SCTV.

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ATTN @Cynabuns, Op is using archive to avoid recent domain ban.

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Oh look Canada finally found one group in the entire world to stand up to. Rest of the world that good? Are we that bad? Are they that cucked?

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I can live w/o canadian bacon.....for a while.