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Vaccines are one of the greatest inventions of all time. Smallpox was wiped off the face of the planet. Polio is almost gone too. Rabies and tetanus are horrible illnesses that are completely preventable now.

Unfortunately there are always assholes trying to squeeze more money out of things and now you have jackasses pushing the yearly bullshit flu vaccine on everyone.

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No. This is factually inaccurate. Indoor plumbing and sanitation practices eradicated these epidemics. Vaccines are a racket and they are destroying our children. Look who pushes vaccines... (((BIG PHARMA))).
EDIT: The book "Dissolving Illusions" by Dr. Suzanne Humphries is the one book you need to read to understand that vaccines did not eradicate these diseases. You can look at the charts and comb through the data when you have time, but it's case closed. Many of these diseases were already in sharp decline, even after the "vaccine" came onto the scenes. The data is irrefutable.

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But I'm sure 200 years ago everyone had auto immune disorders and insane deadly allergies to things like peanuts!


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So the rates of Haemophilus Influenzae, the former #1 cause of meningitis in kids, just happened to plummet in the early 1990s when the vaccine came out?

It's weird that improvements in sanitation eliminated smallpox and polio decades earlier, but those same improvements waited until the Hib vaccine came out to almost eliminate Haemophilus influenzae.

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Failure. Tighten up your tinfoil hat and drink more kool aid.

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I'd say that is a testament to collective human cooperation and other routes may have been found... Vaccines just happen to work well in some cases, like smallpox and polio. We would do better to bolster our immune systems rather than aggrevate/harm them through shit like aluminum and thimerasol. Definitely the main issue becomes modulation of... mRNA? for profit. Isn't that how vaccines work? You essentially integrate the RNA of the virus in order to recognize and fight it?

I read this and still am not entirely clear about what it all means... http://www.pnas.org/content/105/27/9135

But yeah, I don't do vaccines.

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You get more aluminum from drinking one can of soda. The form in vaccines is not pure aluminum, it's a compound that doesn't behave the same way aluminum does. You get more mercury in one piece of the wrong fish than an entire lifetime of recommended vaccinations- and that was before they removed thimerosol from nearly all of them. Mercury compounds are not created equal either- the stuff in the fish is a far more dangerous form caused by pollution.

No, vaccines do not replace your dna with virus dna

Somebody flashed a lot of scary words at you about something you don't understand and you got spooked.

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Most diseases were wiped out because of running water and soap not Vaccines.

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If the smallpox was so great, why did it take 200 years of vaccination to get rid of it? In England and other places they passed laws making the vaccine mandatory, so it wasn't like uptake wasn't high. The vaccine also had a hilariously high mortality rate ..

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They’ll claim things like herd immunity. Where you have to reach a critical mass of immunized individuals to truly control or eliminate the infection. But I still think proper sanitation and education had a huge influence on these infections too.

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And if you are injured by a vaccine (thousands are per year according to the CDC) there are many different pharmeceutical drugs for you to rely on for the rest of your life as a vegetable. You’re in good hands.

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Not to mention they have a special vaccine court which serves to protect the manufavturers and developers of the vaccines with sealed cases...

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And "they" call us crazy for pointing this out.

When I was born I had a total of 7-9 vaccines in my childhood, now it's 30+

Has that much really changed in 30+ years?

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Yes. The nwo has gone into overdrive

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They've been vaccinating kids for decades and managed to do away with all kinds of horrible illnesses. All they had to do was keep all the extra added ingredients out of the vaccines.

Late night television is a smörgåsbord of pills and medications with warnings about the 50 ways each one will destroy your body and life yet they can't keep up with the demand.

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In exchange for diseases, now you get life threatening allergies, autoimmune issues, side effects of death, and, oh, even the diseas itself is a side effect! Plus childhood diseases in healthy children are not dangerous. This assumes you believe that vaccines did anything; they didn’t, improved diet and cleanliness did. The rates of deadly disease were declining in countries who didn’t vaccinate as well.

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Polio smallpox whooping cough. It's funny how no one has ever had a child with polio and isn't afraid of it.

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The extra ingredients weren't just added for fun. They had a reason to be added

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Why is a drunken or coked up or drooling Kennedy a reliable source?

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There are tons of sources for this. Do some research! OP just picked a nice quote for what most of us should know as reality at this point.

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"Do some research!"

That's just as bad as SJW's and "educate yourself!"

The burden of proof is on he who asserts.

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Pediatricians don't know what to do if you don't vaccinate. They just weigh the kid and send you home. There would be far fewer of them needed without the vaccine schedule.

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Ensuring jobs for fellow Jews has got to be part of the scheme.

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I'll tell you exactly what they do-- they get pissed off and try to bully you, then they say if your kid gets sick/injured then they won't treat them unless you give them a vaccine. It's a fucking racket. My nephew was doing fine in his development, then he got the "worst" vaccine you can get (has a high percentage of mercury or some shit) and it changed him overnight-- now he's over two years old and hasn't said more than two actual words. It's heartbreaking to watch.

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My nephew was doing fine in his development, then he got the "worst" vaccine you can get (has a high percentage of mercury or some shit)

The "MERCURY!!!!!" you're talking about was thimerosol, a preservative compound, which they replaced in most vaccines years ago and is not remotely like the MERCURY!!!! you're thinking of when you write about it. In reality you get more mercury, in a vastly more dangerous form, from one serving of the wrong fish(tuna, swordfish etc) than an entire childhood vaccination schedule contains. Your nephew was born autistic and you're looking for someone to blame, resorting to superstitious thinking to facilitate it.

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The fact that get pissy is defintly true. I worked in pediatrics for 4 years when I was in the navy, and i learned a whole lot about childhood vaccines. Plenty of them are actually useful, but there are a few that are a total waste of time. Especially hepatitis b, they push it on newborn babies without telling you that unless you have it, the only other way to get hep b is sex or a transfusion because it is a bloodborn pathogen. Luckily the doctor at the hospital when my son was born didn't care, but our pediatrician got mad and told us to not come back because we didn't want it. It was unprofessional as fuck.

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How did it get those patents, why, and at what margin do they sell them?

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Naming convention only, Agencies in many cases are Companies that are controlled by the Government either directly or indirectly. Vaccines and drugs are lucrative business to be in. Being under the auspices of the Government, they are legally insulated in many cases. As to the issue of good to vaccinate or not, they are double edged sword, nature is resourceful and will eventually overcome any protection they give. Just look at the flu-vax, it changes yearly or sometimes twice a year.

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Vaccines only last about 10 years tops. Among pro vaxxers, how many get a booster shot every 7 years. Herd immunity? Right.

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