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That country is fucked

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We have lots of guns. No we will not give them up. We are not afraid to use them.

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Trigger warning

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Shut the fuck up pessimist voltro jew shill prick

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they cant antagonize half of their taxpayers

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They have been and they continue to pay

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Sure they can. Are people still paying taxes? Are there mass protests in the streets?

They're just going to lay down and take it up the ass

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lol, they definitely do not need the money

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Sensible political views are outlawed in Europe.

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Seems like it. Actually no you’re right. This isn’t even an opinion it’s fact. Look at this pointless comment. How should I wrap this up.....I really like ice water. Nothin hits that dehydration. FUCKING WATER I LOVE WATER IM MADE OF WATER

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Which makes sense, because the sensible thing to do now is hang their leaders. Even when necessary, it's poor form to legalize hanging your government officials.

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Based on my limited understanding of British law, parliament is allowed free speech immunity within the context of their political debates.

Muslims are cancer. This statement was a power play against a perfectly legitimate question.

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And on that disgusting note, here's some equally foul news:

European-Islamic media forum calls for clamp down on hate speech in Western press


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Islamic and European do not belong in the same sentence

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Eurabia will be the center of Islam in the 22nd century... since they'll pick up enough white genes from the mass rapes and with a whole non-inbred continent of women to fuck/enslave, they won't start to get inbreeding problems for 150+ years... so they'll be able to easily dominate the rest of the Islamic world.

Also, Eurabia will have nukes and what's left of the old European industrial base.

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Why are the stupid, useless, parasites "kicking" the tigers? Oh yeah. Stupid. But still, who is (niggers?....viewing nigger success based soley on legislation and lawsuits?). WHO is DRIVING this OBVIOUS conspiracy? The mass media will never tell. Who is it that thinks stupid, useless, parasites are the greater good (if you like a world crammed with useless parasites) and the prudent are evil? One has a victim. The other simply insists the parasites pay for THEIR own choices' consequences (being useless). WHERE is the evil in THAT?

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CLASSIC. "corral and herd" you mean SUBJUGATE. I think I like the woadowl, but I have NO understanding of your thing. Are you a liberal?

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TBH I can't understand the thing you just wrote at all. For one, I think you mean "kicking the tires"

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I'm totally into Christmas. How about you?

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Hmmmm who could it be....I’m thinking it’s the Mormons. I don’t trust em. Fucking mormons your time will come.

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I did a term paper on them in my comparative religion class in undergrad (got an A). I wasn't particularly religious at that time (disallusoned or whatever). I attended their services for that semester. They even send CHICK missionaries to my DOOR today! Amazing how they know where I LIVE! I don't answer the door (for other reasons)...I just SEE chicks dressed like NOT chicks at my door. But you could be correct. I don't know. I don't care. ALL I want if CORRECT....PERIOD...you know....PERFECTION...If I must die, I'm okay EXCITED about that thing...PASSIVELY unless you ATTACK me. In which case, my plan is to kill the living shit out of you, since I KNOW what is (I think). Get it?

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There's a majority whit epopulation in UK.

It has something to do with it.

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I'm pretty sure it's GLOBAL. You'll KNOW what to do when the time is right.

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What goes around comes around. I bet these politicians never thought these laws would come back to bite them in the ass.

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Rules for thee

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It's not phobia if you strike without fear

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