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I beat the fuck out of some guy the other night for trying to drag some random passerby down to the ground and grope her. If you see shit like this (make sure you're armed) stop it. Or call the cops and try to distract the perp from a distance if you're scared. Personally I just say kill em if you can, or maim them and get out of there if killing them will get you in trouble with your local laws.

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Thank you for being a gentleman. A random passerby saved my life some decades ago and I've never forgotten. I wish I could track him down and thank him properly.

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There was nothing gentlemanly about what I did. It's not like I helped the woman up or anything. Just fractured this guys face and got out of there.

But I'm happy to 'help' whenever possible. I'd rather me get stabbed than someone acting like prey running scared.

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Fuck yeah dude, way to be!

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It had to be done. Everyone was just trying not to look. I have a bad habit of being like "if it's not me it will be some defenseless person" and sticking my nose where it doesn't belong.

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@TheWorstImaginable I just looked up your account to see if your a shillBot. If what you posted here about beating up a rapist is true, I apologize for giving you shit for your post on another thread. It's possible you have a better bullshit detector than I do. Please continue to beat the fuck out of rapists at every opportunity. Also, I promise to give extra thought to your posts in future. I saw what you wrote here the other day and I cheered for you. Thank you.

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right on man. I've been having a rager of a day today, of the hundreds of people I saw maybe 5 were white. It's unreal. If I was rude to you today I apologize. I was gritting my teeth and seeing red for most of the day.

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Slice off their genitials, is what I've always been saying about rapists you catch bare handed...

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“A Cincinnati man”

If you had lost a dog would you say “a Cincinnati dog is missing”? FUCK NO YOU WOULDN’T!

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fuckin' hilarious how it's "not okay" to use race as an identifier in ANY case nowadays... speaking west coast cities

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Batman syndrome

That was the title of a zerohedge article lately, describing the situation in europe where authorities catch the fuckers, and then release them over and over again, like batman does

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Once upon a time people who were crazy were kept in institutions. Then some liberal judge decided it was inhumane to lock them up even though the crazies were safer in their own little world. It was during the 60s or the 70s. It really changed the country. We should change it back so crazies can't harm us or themselves.

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Sounds like this one may actually be insane.

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Mmmm you don’t expect to get raped so early in the day. Usually you get raped at the minimum past 330pm

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Nogs probably don't wake up until 1pm. Makes sense.

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Probably because niggers usually aren't awake until then

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I worked with a nigger once at a bshit job. Guy could have had a nice job (he had an interview) comparatively but he didn’t want to have to wake up early. Gave up making twice as much cause he wanted to sleep in. Same guy also told other nigs at that job that face tats were a good idea. I never tried to convince them otherwise.

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Something I noticed a long time ago is that niggers stay up really late and sleep in a along as possible. It's like they're permanent teenagers. It's something to keep in mind, the safest time to go walking is around 6-7 am.

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Cool 33 coding to go with the 9 11 coding you disgusting transgender mason

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Like your 33 coding isn't blatant.

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What's 33 coding?

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If only we didn't have a bunch of IQ80 monkeys in our society, then white people could live in their cities and take walks in peace.

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white people could live in their cities

I chose not to live in their cities in my early 20s. "Holy shit, I could literally pick up and move to a better place!" So I did.

Niggers, economic depression, freezing/baking weather, and other such negative attributes are valid reasons to GTFO.

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It's almost like most men are faster than most women. But there is no difference between men and women. AMIRITE?

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Well, she was 9 months pregnant......

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Nigger just needs to say she called him a nigger. Easy not guilty verdict.

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...Fought police...after being tased FOUR times...

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PCP + crazy = a hell of a drug.

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