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Whining like a bitch and grinning when refusing to answer questions is not humiliating to anyone but RosenSTEIN.

That guy is a bigger tool than you are.


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Watch the clip again.

@Wizzybrizzy, I know you are new here but trust me when I tell you that your interpretation that the deputy AG was compelling or vindicated won't fly here. We know too much.

Rosenstein's denial was the equivalent of telling us that Blue is Red or that 2+2=5. The public is now very aware that the FBI and Justice Departments held back Strzok and Page texts that delineated a premeditation to frame Trump and exonerate Clinton. They, the FBI and Justice Departments, claimed that selected texts and information such as the FISA memo were kept secret for national security reasons only to find out that the Texts were EVIDENCE of an internal coup to depose the US President using law enforcement, security agencies/spies and judicial means.

So what you are seeing is Rosenstein attempting to "Brass It Out", keeping his head high enough to look as though he isn't striding through a river of shit of his own making.


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Get this heavily cut and edited bullshit where it belongs.


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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=wche6OzA3j0 :

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!!!" Rod Rosenstein HUMILIATES Trump Lackey Jim Jordan for His Conspiracy Theories - YouTube

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