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47 up votes for an archive of a spammer's site. Ahahahahaha!

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ATTN @Cynabuns. User is using archive to circumvent domain ban.

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I'm starting to feel like this entire "humanitarian crisis" was planned somehow to get people to agree to the wall. Either that, or people are so stupid that they played themselves by bringing up the "crisis", only to have the wall come up as a good solution to it. Either way, played right into Trumps hands.

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Cops don't understand what the word humanitarian means.

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Easy to say behind the safety of Five Fences.

Military, Federal, State, County, and City Police keep the chaos at bay so you can sit behind your keyboard and wipe the cum off your basketball shorts between beating off to anime titties and commenting on voat.

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The wall should also be automatic...cop, judge, jury, executioner. At some point in attempting to cross it you ARE guilty of infiltration of a sovereign nation's territory....whether you bring USE your hapless kids or not, and you are EXECUTED by the WALL as an enemy combatant/spy. Saves money. WHY do we constantly WASTE money on the "rights" of ENEMIES?